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Dineout’s Project Thali | Feeding the Needy

  • Published on : 21/04/2020

This time, Batman returns to help the needy continue their battle against COVID-19.

Majority of economic activities are in a stagnant state now. This has impacted the livelihood and food security of millions of people across our country. The lion’s share of this population is from the unorganised sectors who survive on daily wages which have dried up. In Dineout’s attempt to help such a community survive, we have launched ‘Project Thali’.

Our mission is to work with our diners, restaurants, NGOs and ultimately reduce hunger and make necessary food available to those who are struggling to make ends meet. Dineout has already distributed Rs.50 lakh worth of food in 5200+ area codes across the country in two weeks.

How can you help?

Project Thali

A mission to fight hunger, a vision to make no one go to sleep hungry. You can contribute here with any amount to help feed the needy in every corner of India. 

Ek Vyakti Ek Parivaar

If anything, this lockdown has taught us how our needs are basic and bare minimal. Help those who are struggling to meet ends in these testing times. You can sponsor food for one family for a duration of 15 days at only ₹1400.

Hunger Hotline

By becoming a volunteer you can help us connect with more and more people to join the cause. Let’s help in every capacity because each drop contributes to making the ocean. Dial +91 7412077717

Find out more details about the project and how you can donate here.

Impact of Project Thali

On April 13, 2020, Dineout helped feed 10000 people in Mumbai suburbs. Few restaurant partners for this initiative are Keiba, Madra Diaries and Delhi Zaika located in Mumbai. Dineout believes in using all the resources available. Tapping into our network of about 20,000 restaurants, and 5 million users, we want to make sure that nobody goes to sleep hungry. 

Don’t hold back, make your contribution here –

Besides ‘Project Thali’ to contribute towards the fight against COVID-19, Dineout has two additional initiatives. First, an online petition to support NRAI on, requesting the Finance Ministry and Government of India to help restaurants with employee unemployment pay cover, and financial relief for the restaurant industry. The petition has so far managed to garner immense support with more than 35,000 people sign-ups.

Second, Restaurant Vouchers; a token of solidarity for our restaurant business community. We are encouraging our diners to buy prepaid vouchers from our restaurant partners; plenty of restaurant partners have already signed up for this program. This enables restaurateurs with an influx of cash, necessary to manage costs at the moment. These prepaid vouchers can be redeemed in the next six months, once normalcy returns.


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