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Food Ordering Website- Benefits of having one for your restaurant!

  • Published on : 23/09/2016

Restaurateurs all over the world are grappling with the challenges posed by Covid-19. There is a sharp decline in the footfalls at restaurants and profits have become wafer thin. To make matters worse, third party food delivery platforms are charging an exorbitant commission for delivery that has affected their profits badly. As per the report by Washington Post, profit margins for full-service restaurants are typically around 3 to 5 percent, and delivery app fees tend to hover around 30%. 

Hence, the need of the hour is to launch a food ordering website for your restaurant. Instead of relying on third party delivery chains, your customers can place order for food directly from your restaurant’s website. 

Key benefits of having your restaurant’s food ordering website

Let’s delve deep into the benefits of developing a food ordering website for your restaurant.

Cash in on the boom in online ordering – In the post-Covid world, people have become more hygiene conscious. Many of them are scared of the contraction and prefer to order online rather than visiting restaurants.

There is a huge number of millennials ordering food online. As per the report by Fortune India, millennials accounted for about 63% of the overall base of the online food delivery market in India. The reason they prefer to order online is that it’s quite easy and saves time and energy of cooking at home. By starting your own food ordering website, you can take advantage of the boom in millennials ordering food online. 

Serving as a point of contact 

Nowadays it is quite natural for food lovers to search in Google before trying out food from a new restaurant. From your website, customers will get to know several details such as location, contacts, timings, specialities, ratings, reviews etc. Also include the legacy of your restaurant, name and location of the sister concerns etc. By posting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly content and blogs, your website will appear in the top of Google search results.

Since reviews matter a lot, request celebrities and eminent personalities who have visited your restaurant for feedback. It no doubt leads to more traffic at your restaurant.  


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