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Choosing a Restaurant POS system: Cloud vs Traditional

  • Published on : 23/08/2021

Choosing a Restaurant POS system: Cloud vs Traditional

If you own a restaurant, chances are that you don multiple hats. Need help managing sales and conserving time and energy? POS systems are a great solution! Cloud POS systems can help you record sales efficiently so that you and your staff have more time on your hand. 

What are POS Systems?

POS (Point of sale) system is an integrated sales system that allows businesses to record and process the sale. It saves them time and provides price solutions without putting extra effort into the restaurants. 

In the old era of business, every task was done manually using pen paper. Billing was done using a bill book by mentioning the product and sales figure on the book and keeping the copies for maintaining the accounts. In the current era, restaurants can use POS instead of paper pen bill books. POS systems have changed with time, and now, cloud POS is in trend. 

Traditional POS systems are now less preferable due to the lack of security, need for extra training to the staff, maintaining sales manually, and keeping an eye on the system updates. Cloud POS systems are the new systems which help restaurant owners maintain the sale in a single approach. The system can be updated seamlessly and requires basic staff training, which means that it can be used by just about any business. What’s more, Cloud POC systems work as an extra security measure because they protect you against malware. 

Why should you pick Cloud POS Systems over Traditional POS Systems?

Traditional POS needs to be operated manually by the restaurant managers or workers. So, due to this manual operation, it does not ensure the security of cash as the data is uploaded on local servers only. The systems are liable to being manipulated, which can cause you to lose your data. Further, the need for data entry manually makes the traditional POS sets up a huge drawback. That’s why most systems don’t prefer to use the traditional POS systems over their cloud POS counterparts.

On the flip side, cloud POS systems are very easy to use and don’t need the extra effort of manual data maintenance. The system fills the data and maintains the security because it operates on a multi-server. It acquires data from the remote servers, establishes a strong connection, and integrates well with analytics, customer management, and inventory management to simplify work for restaurant owners. 

Nowadays, restaurants prefer cloud POS systems because these systems manage sales and customers well. Cloud POS is more like a central mechanism that operates the whole system and restaurant according to the available data. That’s why you should pick cloud POS systems over traditional POS systems. 

Pros and Cons of Using Cloud POS Systems

Here are some Pros and Cons of the Cloud POS Systems:

1. Enhanced Safety Features

Cloud POS systems are integrated by security measures through remote servers. Traditional POS systems are not as safe as compared to the cloud due to their local server storage system. Since data is stored in the cloud, the need for external data storage is eliminated. 

2. Operate Remotely from any Location

As a restaurant owner, if you want to track your business analytics, Cloud POS Systems make this very simple. You don’t need to install any hardware in your restaurant to access this data. Tracking employee records via remote servers becomes a simple process. You can also operate the restaurant without needing to be at the location. 

3. Reduce Maintenance

Installing cloud POS systems is a one-time investment and does not need extra maintenance on a monthly basis. 

4. Software used in the Cloud POS Systems

Cloud-based POS systems do not need any software to be installed on the systems and can be operated remotely from any device. Extra hardware is not required for managing tasks. To control the system, you will only need a simple app that can be installed on your phone or tablet. 

5. Data Accessibility for Cloud POS

Data is stored remotely and does not need local servers to be stored. Users do not have to be at the restaurant to access the data. Remote servers allow you to get the data from virtually anywhere. 

6. Cloud POS is Eco-friendly 

Since Cloud POS enables you to generate digital receipts, you can completely avoid printing out receipts. This paper-less service helps to prevent the cutting of trees, making it an eco-friendly option. 

7. Boost Customer Experience

No customer wants to sit and wait for the bill to be printed to proceed with the payment of the services he has availed. You can solve this problem by using Cloud POS on a handheld device, which enables fast payments. This simple change will bring happiness and satisfaction to your customer’s experience with your services. 

Final Remarks

We have outlined the various pros and cons of Cloud POS systems for you in this article. Cloud POS Systems help restaurant owners to smoothly manage the restaurant while avoiding operational issues. Since maintaining detailed records is essential for a good business, restaurants can use Cloud POS systems to carry out this process efficiently. A good POS system informs you about your sales and tracks specific analytics of your restaurant for your benefit. So, ensure you get a great POS system to take advantage of all the benefits we’ve listed above for you.


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