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Cloud-Based Restaurant Management System: All You Need to Know

  • Published on : 28/12/2020

There are several responsibilities and challenges involved in day-to-day restaurant operations such as employee tips, employee scheduling, back-of-the-house management, front-of-the-house management, and ownership duties. These activities have a tendency to pile up in no time. Hence, deployment of a cloud-based restaurant management software will do wonders for you, especially as a restaurateur.

Apart from simply effective time management, cloud-based restaurant management systems offer several other benefits which their conventional counterparts do not. Here’s why you must consider moving your restaurant management to the cloud POS:

1. Ease of Access

With cloud computing technology, you can access your restaurant’s data anytime, anywhere. All you require is a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and login.

2. No Hefty Upfront Cost

It is extremely affordable which does not necessitate any expensive or lengthy contract unlike on-premise restaurant management systems.  

3. Flexible Payment Terms

Your restaurant’s cashflow should no longer be a concern as most cloud-based software comes with flexible payment options such as annual and monthly contracts. 

4. Automatic Updates

All infrastructure improvements and latest features are automatically updated to your system through the cloud. Moreover, you have the flexibility to discontinue some of the features that you no longer need. 

Integrate Your Restaurant’s POS System with Cloud

Most restaurants start with a point-of-sale (POS) system to leverage cloud-based restaurant management software. Cloud-based POS system stores recipe details, inventory data, sales and billing information, and customer information. Moreover, with cloud-based restaurant POS system such as one offered by inresto, you don’t have to worry about your system crashing and losing all your valuable data. Cloud-based restaurant management systems allow remote handling of operations as well.

Enhanced Data Security

Shifting to a cloud-based restaurant management software will save huge costs that are associated with maintenance and complex hardware installations of a conventional system. Not to mention, it is far more secure than the traditional POS systems. It’s harder to infiltrate the cloud-based system which is equipped with preventive controls, deterrent controls, two-factor authentication, and sophisticated security controls. These features are not available in an internal server or your personal computer.

Inventory Tracking Made Easy Using inresto SCM

Each and every ingredient that is present in your inventory can be easily tracked using a cloud-based system. This way you can ensure a continuous follow-up of all the items. The system even sends a low-stock alert by email whenever an item is running slower than the limit set by you. In addition, restocking the inventory has become quite convenient as the cloud-based system notifies when a certain item has been purchased or reordered. There is no chance of overstocking of any ingredient as well, thanks to the inventory tracking feature of the system. 

All-in-one Cloud-Based Restaurant Management System

Several features are offered by an all-in-one cloud-based restaurant management software including inventory tracking, employee timesheets, CRM integration, POS system, easy menu setup, managing loyalty programs, technical support, and detailed reporting. inResto SCM system is one such solution that can help you attain all your goals easily.

One does not need to be technically sound to utilize the cloud-based software. Make sure you choose a service which is user-friendly and has an easy interface!

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