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Congratulations on winning the inresto Superstar, November 2020

  • Published on : 01/12/2020

Restaurants across the country provide the most tantalizing dining experience for their diners, always thinking about them first.

Your diner first approach makes us keep you forward every time we think of top dining services across India. As your long-standing restaurant technology partner, we couldn’t resist but acknowledge the efforts & outstanding services you deliver to your beloved diners. 

So, we are here with the inresto Superstar initiative to celebrate you & your technology-first approach. 

What is ‘inresto Superstar’?

A monthly initiative to identify and recognise the phenomenal dining experience provided by restaurants using inresto’s product suite. It is an effort to celebrate the marvellous spirit of restaurants across the country! 

Restaurants spread laughter, moments of joy, and create lifetime memories for millions of people. It takes a dedicated staff along with the right technology to streamline all the restaurant operations smoothly. We are here to celebrate a few of such incredible restaurants & applaud their efforts with inresto Superstar. 

We are thrilled to announce the winners of November 2020! Have a look 

Mamagoto, Saket| Delhi 

Mamagoto is a one-stop destination for all your cravings for pan Asian food that is served to you, keeping the taste and quality intact. Each dish promises to take you on a flavorful ride. An addition to an exotic collection of signature drinks is something you cannot afford to miss. It is the best-suited place for any social gatherings and family get together. 

The restaurant was able to increase diner reservations by 20% and reached a net NPS score of 4.5/5 with the help of inresto product suite. 

The Black Pearl, Bangalore

The Black Pearl is a themed restaurant, built like a pirate ship. With live music, a relaxing theme, great food, and excellent service, It provides a dining extravaganza that takes one on a voyage of lovely delicacies from across the world! The bar boasts of international drinks and some signature barman specials as well. 

This extravagant restaurant has been able to cater to a huge diner base successfully and operates smoothly using inresto’s product suite.

The inresto technology products increased the diner base for them by 30% & their feedback intake also rose by 20%.

The Indi Grill, Hyderabad

A grill to remember, this legendary restaurant from the Moti Mahal Group is reintroducing classic recipes from Old Delhi over smokey grills and delicious buffet spreads that are to die for.

With a brilliant open ambiance and plenty of natural light, The Indi Grill is the perfect place to grab a mid-day lunch. They are able to manage a wide range of barbeque dishes and timely services with inresto technology products. 

This restaurant is truly a superstar as it managed to reach an NSP score of a whopping 4.9. 

Afraa Restaurant And Lounge, Kolkata

Afraa Restaurant and Lounge provides the real flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. To top it up, its ambience and decor offer an exquisite experience like never before. One gets to see the serene view of the city from here. The well-set bar adds a different charm to the place that lightens the mood in no time. 

Apart from winning the hearts of its diners with its charm, it has managed to be the inresto Superstar of Kolkata. They effectively captured diner data and increased their feedback intake by 20%. 

Olive Bar & Kitchen (Khar), Mumbai

Our superstar from Mumbai is an undisputed stalwart on the city’s culinary and nightlife scene. This rustic hideaway and flagship restaurant of the Olive Group is one of the diner favorites. 

It is well known for an intimate space where chefs cook right in front of you. The diners get a choice between a cosy ambiance and spectacular outdoor seating. 

The reservation rate at Olive bar and kitchen increased by 15%.

The Waterfall Restaurant, Chennai

This multi-cuisine theme-based restaurant is a paradise for food lovers. The beautiful carvings on the wall and comfortable seating take you at awe and the compassionate staff lives up to the diner’s expectations every single day. 

They managed increase their diner visits by 20% which led to a positive NSP.

You could learn a thing or two from these path-breaking restaurants, which are changing the game of the restaurant industry with technology and winning the hearts of their diners. 

A big congratulations to all the winners! We are happy to have helped you raise your revenue, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. We wish you continued success and a year full of happy diners. 🙂


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