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How Digital Menu Helps You Increase Your Profit Margin & Offers Diners An Exclusive Experience

  • Published on : 03/03/2020

Digital Magazines, e-Books, or be it digital payments, India’s obsession with technology is growing day by day, and there is something new coming up every month. And now, with the restaurant industry going massively digital, the latest addition to the list is digital menu already leading the charts in the restaurant technology trends.

Restaurants that have digitized menus record higher sales and revenue with desserts alone witnessing a 30% increase in sales. 

What is A Digital Menu?

Digital Menu

It is an online food ordering system at the restaurant that is accessible to the diners via their mobile phones. The diners at your restaurant can scan the QR code printed on the tent card, and the menu will pop up on their phones. They can select food items and place their order directly. 

This can be the first step to boost sales. You get an opportunity to offer an exclusive dining experience to your customers that also translates to increased average order value. Leading restaurants have been successfully using digital menus at their restaurants. And this has helped them increase revenue.

Here is how digital menus are the future of restaurants:


  • Cross-selling and Up-selling made simple

Cross-sell and Up-sell menu items

The digital menu helps recommend items to diners based on their order history. It also highlights chef specials or hot selling items during that season, helping you up-sell. 

In addition to that, you can cross-sell by creating new combos or eliminating old ones, as per your convenience.

  • Eliminate extra cost

A digital menu helps you customize your menu and pricing for the same on the go. Avoid spending your time and resources on printed/physical menus. The introduction of the digital menu helps eliminate the need for staff to take orders. The cost savings can be used to train and remove other challenges faced during service.

  • Reduce wait time for diners

 The diners get the control and flexibility of placing an order at their own pace when they don’t have to wait for someone to take their order. They can highlight any special request according to their palate. 

 When the customers place the order digitally, not only does it make the ordering process faster but also reduces manual error and avoids miscommunication. This helps you elevate the diner’s experience at your restaurant. 

  • Improved Aesthetics

Food is the most instagrammable article and the most shared item on social media. We can’t help but agree that food looks more visually appealing in digital photos and images can be edited using different tools as well. 

The digital menu gives you the ability to upload and change images as per your needs. It also provides the diners with a sneak peek into how appetizing the food at your restaurant is going to be.

  • Easy access to Customer Data

When the diners scan the QR code and open the menu on their phones, the system records their credentials. Customer data, the most beneficial commodity, helps you understand their behaviour and create personalised offers and dining experience based on their preferences.

  • Provides creative space 

 Digital mediums have the ability to offer more creative freedom. You can play with the content and add interesting insights. It gives you the option to highlight interesting insights on the food that is served. We have a growing market of health-conscious consumers. You can tap into such niche markets and curate a menu that is more appealing to them. You can also intrigue them by sharing the source of the products associated with the dish. 

By designing smart marketing strategies, you can create a digital menu for your restaurant that can help you bring greater business to your restaurant. This new-age technology has been a game-changer for restaurants that have adopted it and is going to be the next hot selling item in the industry. 

Make a smarter choice for your restaurant. Switch to a digital menu today.


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