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Farm To Table | A Restaurateur’s Best Investment & Why?

  • Published on : 03/09/2020

‘Farm to Table’ – a concept that supports small farmers and local businesses which has recently become the talk of the restaurant industry. The pandemic led to import related restrictions which forced many restaurants to take a close look at their inventory requirements.  This prominent idea from the year 2019 has suddenly gained momentum in the last couple of months. And just like you, we were left wondering why? So we did some digging 😉

What is ‘Farm to Table’?

Very much clear from its name –  when raw ingredients are brought to the restaurants directly from their respective farms without any distributors or middlemen involved, it is called ‘Farm to Table’.  The restaurants then include these ingredients in their recipes.

Many new trends came to surface soon after restaurants across the country reopened their doors. These included re-engineered menus, Contactless Dining, hygiene & safety solutions and ‘Farm to Table’. Farm to Table not only benefits the environment but also supports and promotes the local economy.

Let us dive into the intricacies of its impact and importance during the current scenario.

1. Go vocal for local! 

That’s the mantra the country has set its path on. Small & local businesses in India have received the support of millions of people recently, and have grown immensely. It has also given them a chance to take up space in the international market. 

With ‘Farm to Table’, you as a restaurateur can play your part in this by buying raw material from local farms and contribute towards the local economy. It also helps you save the distribution cost involved in the entire process of sourcing raw material. 

2. Concern About Hygiene & Safety

As we continue our battle with the virus, the safety concerns remain in people’s minds. The uncertainty of the source of the virus spread makes people cautious of every product and service they avail, and hence they are apprehensive about trying globally sourced ingredients.

Since the restaurant sources ingredients locally and some even produce their own raw material, there is a sense of accountability. This assures the diners that their food is being touched by only a few trusted hands. It is a great way to rebuild diner trust during these times and provide them with a #SafeToEatOut environment. 

3. Health Benefits

Along with consuming food prepared under hygienic conditions, people want to eat clean. Eating clean means consuming food that keeps your body free of toxins. The rising awareness about the importance of eating healthy has increased the likes of people seeking healthy food rather than junk at restaurants. Kale, Quinoa, smoothie bowls, avocado salads, vegan delights have been the top trending things on social media for a reason. 

During COVID-19, when people are working on building their immunity, eating healthy becomes the priority. ‘Farm to Table’ ensures that the food is rich with essential nutrients and are hence healthier for the diners. 

4. Environment Friendly

Another benefit of sourcing local ingredients and consuming organic food is that it contributes towards building a sustainable environment. With no artificial ingredients and flavours at your restaurant, you make the world a better place by making it environment-friendly. 🙂  

With a little strategic thinking, you can innovate the existing dishes in the menu by introducing local ingredients, or even create new recipes altogether that might intrigue your diners and keep them coming back for more. 🙂

With this, you would not only be supporting local farmers and serving the environment but also many diners in eating healthier and staying fit. Then you can sit back in a new and better world and watch your business grow with happy customers.

Any restaurateur is more than happy to deliver happiness and add value to people’s lives, and there cannot be a better way for you to do that 🙂

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