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GIRF is churning revenue for restaurants & How?

  • Published on : 09/03/2021

The Great Indian Restaurant Festival is in full swing. It has been 12 days since the festival started and it looks like the whole of India seems to enjoy the celebrations. 

We are not just saying or guessing it, the numbers speak for itself

In less than 2 weeks –

75,000 Tables Reserved

3,00,000 Diners Seated

18,00,00,000 Revenue Generated for partners till now!!  

Crazy, Right? 

Restaurants are feeling like a king as they churn more and more footfall and revenue during the GIRF month. 

While it’s raining discounts for diners, it’s raining revenue for restaurants. It’s a win-win deal.

More footfall means more revenue but at times managing a huge crowd can be overwhelming. Restaurants are aware of the challenges that might come their way and they have prepared themselves for it. 

How, you wonder? What’s helping them manage it all?

Well, the answer is simple! A robust restaurant management solution! They are smart enough to invest in the best technology available for restaurants out there to tackle the extra work that comes their way during this busy month. inresto’s complete restaurant management solution helps them streamline the front as well as the back of the house operations all in one place. 

Chaos and mismanagement are definitely not the words in our restaurant partner’s dictionary. 

The Cherry on top is that it is available at half the price, just for you! You get a flat 50% off on the entire inresto product suite. Click here.

How is inresto’s complete management solution helping restaurants-

1. Gets your operations running in full swing

  • inresto POS: Orders from all third party aggregators are managed on a single dashboard. It enables smooth coordination between the waiter and the chef that ensures a great customer experience. Apart from that inresto POS manages billing, orders, offers & reports- all on one platform.
  • inresto SCM: It offers real-time inventory tracking and recipe management. This way it helps in reducing wastage and maintaining stock. 

2. Helps you offer an ultimate dining experience to your diners

  • inresto Guest & Reserve: It enables you to effectively manage walk-in guests, rush hour queues & reservations from multiple sources. It simplifies the reservation process, and minimise table turnaround time. 
  • inresto DineIn: The diners can access the menu on their phones by scanning a QR code. They select the items they like, place their orders & can make payment directly without the involvement of a waiter. This makes the ordering process simple and less time-consuming. 

Well, there’s this and many more benefits waiting for you on the other side. 

So grab the offer before GIRF comes to an end and take full advantage of it! 😉


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