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Here’s how inresto POS Streamlined Sugar Factory’s restaurant operations in Dubai

  • Published on : 12/02/2021

The restaurant industry is one of the most coveted business sectors and not one without much competition. This gets even more challenging when a restaurant brand enters international markets and caters to a different customer set.

The Sugar Factory’s Dubai outlets, known the world over for its celebrity-endorsed Couture Pops, a Hollywood A-listers favorite hotspot, faced the challenge of streamlining and processing various incoming orders from multiple sources.

They needed a solid restaurant POS system that streamlines and organizes their operational tasks—consequently letting them cater to other aspects of running a successful restaurant. And this was made possible by inresto Point of Sale that solved an array of problems.

Robust & advanced Cloud POS – in sync with the need of the hour

inresto POS is a cloud-based system that allows a restaurant to operate on remote server access from anywhere using a stable internet connection instead of a traditional POS system that requires an on-site setup and stores data on a local server.

Additionally, this cloud POS system didn’t just print KOTs. It integrated with the Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), Loyalty programs, Inventory Management, and Analytics to provide data in one place, reducing manual labor and increasing operational efficiency. This centralized system provided a comprehensive overview of incoming orders, order queue, reducing order related errors, streamlining their pipeline, and increasing turn around time.

Traditional or legacy POS systems in the restaurants required manual server updates. This is more time consuming and requires constant training of staff members. Our Cloud POS took care of this challenge by enabling real-time live updates, which reduced upgrading costs and helped the restaurant always operate on the latest version of the software.

Secured system & Low-cost solution

As the name suggests, the processed data was being stored in the cloud by the system. So there was no need for local or physical data storage items. Additionally, the POS system updates happen in real-time, requiring very little or no human intervention and regularly enhancing their POS system. 

Another important aspect is that inresto Cloud POS allowed them to continue processing transactions even if there was a loss of internet connection. There was no scope of data loss as it all synced up as soon as the system goes back online.

Additionally, inresto’s Cloud POS helps scale and expand the operation to multiple outlets without any need for up-gradation, saving a mammoth amount of unnecessary expenditure.

Accessibility & analytics on the go

The most intriguing feature is access to all their data from any remote location. So their stakeholders and senior management, even outlet managers, could check the restaurant analytics like incoming orders, bill values, etc., without being physically present on-site. 

inresto’s Cloud POS also provides sales data right into your phone, making it all the easier to monitor business. This, in turn, helps boost staff productivity, increases table turnaround time, and ultimately amplifies revenue.

The overall eagle eye approach helps track inventory better and allows the restaurant to focus on operational efficiency.


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