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Here’s the restaurant’s checklist for the festive season

  • Published on : 26/10/2021

The festive season is here. Restaurants are gearing up to welcome the customers for a festive treat. Now that the second wave of Covid-19 has receded. Hence, restaurants expect diners to loosen up their purse strings. So are you all set to attract your guests? Here you go, a checklist that will come in handy during your festive season preparations.

Here’s the restaurant’s checklist for the festive season

5 point checklist for festive seasons

1. Invest in good decor 

Decorate your restaurant’s entry with dazzling lights. Keep it grand so that food lovers would find it welcoming. Light up your interiors with candles and diyas, sticking to the theme of the festive season. Focus on your outside seating and entry more than the interiors. The reason is simple. It’s the external appearance that attracts your customers. 

2. Have a festival-specific food menu

It’s time to add new dishes to your menu. Come up with Diwali special veg thali meals, sweets, and gift hampers. Spice up the menu with Jeera Rice, Dal Makhani, and Punjabi Chole. Make it tempting with sweets such as Shahi Thukda and Rasmalai.  

To do something extravagant this festive season, you can arrange exciting food festivals, buffet dinners, card game events, live music, etc.  

3. Exciting offers

Great food and a fantastic ambiance are not enough for this extravagant festive season. Your customers seek discounts and special offers. It’s the time when offers are going on everywhere. Your restaurant should jump on the bandwagon. Come up with some hard to resist discount offers. It can be a special 15% flat discount on the total bill. You can also personalise the offers based on the loyalty of the customers. 

4. Reach out to your target audience

 72% of consumers prefer to engage only with personalized messaging. Pull out the list of those who visited during last year’s Navratri and Diwali. Then, reach them with personalized discount offers via SMS & Emails. With inresto Campaign, India’s leading digital restaurant management platform, it’s pretty easy to engage with your diners. A limited period discount offer can be quite enticing. An example is a 1+1 Diwali buffet lunch offer for a couple of days. 

5. Organise events

There is no festival without a party. It’s time to entertain your diners. You can host a Bollywood-themed party. Let your diners come dressed as their favourite Bollywood artist. Announce surprise gifts for the best couple. Live band performance is another fantastic idea. To uplift the festive mood, rope in a celebrity guest.

Host food festivals with special Diwali and Navratri dishes. It’s the best time to launch your new dishes. Publicise the news on your restaurant’s official Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, throw in contests on social media pages. To keep it engaging, invite suggestions from customers to name your Bollywood-themed party. Keep the spirits high with frequent posts on social media. 

6. Loyalty programs

Recent studies show that from last January to April, the share of customers who use restaurant loyalty programs has shot up by 12%. To attract your festive crowd, have a customised loyalty program in place. Now, it’s very much possible with inresto Loyalty. For every 5th Diwali buffet dinner, reward your diners with 20 extra loyalty points. Let them spread the news to their friends and relatives. 

For your regular customers, reward them with extra loyalty points. Also, offer the option of instant reward redemption. Notify your diners about the expiry of loyalty points and keep coming back for more.

Parting Words

Make the most out of it with incredible food and never-before discount offers. With the help of a modern-day restaurant management system, lure those diners with attractive marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. The above checklist will prove quite helpful in your festival preparations.  


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