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How a Restaurant Management System Lets You Run Multiple Outlets with Ease

  • Published on : 16/08/2021

Running multiple restaurant outlets easily is no walk in the park. It requires tremendous zeal and business prowess to start a restaurant from scratch and take it to heights previously unimaginable. 

Think about operating an entire restaurant chain! Certainly not a piece of cake, right? 

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Management System?

There are far too many things to take care of in a restaurant chain. Some of these include, but are not limited to shift management, reports and bills, stock management, data security, delivery management, customer engagement, menu management, table, and orders management. 

Without a proper restaurant management system, you, as the owner, lose control over some or all these operations gradually. All you can work with are the reports submitted by your managers! 

Not only does this situation leave a lot of room for misappropriations and errors, but it also eats up a lot of your precious time. Powered by a cloud-based restaurant management system, you can access real-time data as well as speed-up your decision-making process. 

Now that you understand it, let’s proceed with our discussion on managing multiple restaurants with ease:

1. Manage Stock Transfers

In the absence of a restaurant management software, it’s up to the managers and staff to report to the owner regarding the stock transfer status. 

This approach, however, leads to excess inventory or out-of-stock situations in your restaurant chain. In either case, it will cost you a significant amount of money to fix it! 

However, with inresto’s supply chain management (SCM) system, you can optimize your inventory while eliminating any complexity in operations. Further, you can conveniently manage stock transfer within the outlets!

You can also leverage its additional features like vendor management and recipe management. 

2. Protect Your Data

When you’re running multiple outlets, managing huge amounts of data and protecting it becomes challenging. Safeguarding your inventories and assets is of utmost priority for any restaurant chain owner. At this point, technology comes into play. 

By using inresto’s cloud-based integrated Point of Sale (POS) system, you can track order queues, manage billing, assess reports, and customize offers without losing sight of all your data! 

Regardless of your current location, you can rest assured about the security of both diners’ and restaurant data with inresto.  

3. Get Real-Time Analytics

Running multiple restaurant outlets easily becomes taxing when it’s not possible for you to travel back and forth!

Internal thefts become a real possibility if you cannot monitor your restaurant chain as efficiently as you would like to. 

However, the good news is that you can eliminate this problem by utilizing real-time analytics offered by a restaurant management software anytime, anywhere! 

4. Maintain Brand Consistency

As an owner of a restaurant chain, you want to send the same message across all cities or countries where your branches are located.

Without maintaining the brand consistency across all the outlets, your branding efforts will go down the drain. It may sound harsh, but a confusing brand message affects your customers’ ability to establish trust with your restaurant or even identify with it.

In that case, inresto’s integrated marketing campaign will help you achieve consistency. You can conveniently re-target, interact, as well as engage with your diners across all locations similarly. 

Thus, it increases footfall and bodes well for your sales!

5. Leverage Central CRM

Without a doubt, you need a central customer database when we talk about how to run multiple restaurants with ease. That’s when having a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will come in handy. 

The CRM maintains everything: from ordering history to contact details of diners visiting each outlet. Besides, it will be easy to run reward points and loyalty programs for each brand from a remote location. 

You can try inresto’s loyalty program to increase repeat customers, customize programs, allocate rewards, customize reward plans, and generate detailed reports. 

6. Run Offers and Discounts

One of the most demanding operations to handle in a restaurant chain is the marketing campaign. Marketers and owners must ensure that the campaigns are pretty much balanced across all the outlets.

Geo-targeting becomes easy with a restaurant management software which allows you to run suitable offers and discounts for that location. 

Different cities require different marketing campaigns. What works in New York City may or may not work in Chicago. Having automated marketing tools and analytics at your disposal will certainly go a long way for you! 

The restaurant management software offered by inresto will allow you to run multiple marketing campaigns tailored to the geographic location. 

7. Assign Roles and Responsibilities

How to run multiple restaurants with ease? We cannot completely answer this question without taking your restaurant staff into account! 

Human resources are the core of every business. Having a restaurant chain spread across various locations means that you need to take care of a huge workforce. 

Managing such a workforce becomes a challenge for a restaurant owner. However, with the help of a cloud-based restaurant management system, you can effectively assign roles and responsibilities to your staff working at different outlets without having to visit any of them!

Further, you can also track their performance with ease using a POS system. It helps you establish a strong chain of command and ensure that employees are fulfilling their responsibilities diligently.  

Winding Up!

We discussed seven reasons why investing in a restaurant management system is indispensable for running multiple restaurant outlets easily. These reasons include keeping track of total items sold, counting live outlets, managing sales details, calculating the total bill count, applying discounts & offers, and securing your data!

You probably don’t have a budget constraint but if you do, don’t worry about it. A proper restaurant management software that fits all your requirements and makes your life easier will pay for itself in the future. 

Running a restaurant chain across different geographies is a mammoth endeavor. Whether it’s managing business, customers or employees, a restaurant management system will work like magic for you!


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