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How Can Restaurant Software Help You to Run a Chain of Restaurants in the Easiest Way?

  • Published on : 01/10/2018

Running a chain of restaurants is no doubt a daunting task. Integrating multiple functions such as human resource management, kitchen operations, and supply chain management is just not possible with manual efforts. The best way to manage your restaurant chain is by implementing a Restaurant Management System. Here are 7 major benefits of Restaurant Management Software

Optimise your kitchen turnaround time

When you are dealing with multiple outlets, the concept of central kitchen helps you achieve better control over kitchen operations. To add on, centralised kitchen operations work best when you have a robust RMS in place. Here, you prepare the food items at a central location and supply to all the outlets.

With the help of the software, you can view the food material requirement, consumption and wastage pertaining to multiple outlets on the same platform. Apart from reduction in kitchen turnaround time, it aids in cutting down workforce, thereby achieving cost savings.

Streamline inventory management

There are times when you lose track of inventory as there are multiple outlets spread across various locations. With restaurant management software such as inresto SCM now you can track the stock status of different outlets from anywhere, anytime. Real time tracking help you get rid of the nagging problem of running short of stock.

Get timely alerts on minimum threshold quantities specific to the various outlets. It helps in placing fresh order of stock on time. One more benefit is that your supplies and raw materials are quite secure with the system. The platform leaves absolutely no scope for theft.

Efficient Employee management

Tracking the login timings of employees such as chefs, floor managers and other employees working at multiple outlets is quite easy now. Your staff may work in rotational shifts to manage the rush during peak timings. An efficient RMS will help you schedule the shift timings as per business requirement.

The reports provide details on the employee availability, leave balance and absentee reports pertaining to the different outlets. Another important feature is the assessment of employee performance. The platform lets you monitor the time taken by waiters for serving food at the table.    

Smart insights on sales figures

Crucial decisions such as business expansion is taken based on the sales figures at all outlets. When dependent on manual efforts, you are missing out on valuable insights. RMS provides intelligent information such as which outlet is consistently making profits and those that are running in losses.  Another benefit is that you can pull weekly and monthly reports of the sales figures at all the restaurants. 

Centralised recipe management

It happens quite often that at some of your outlets the food is lip-smacking. If a customer tries out the same dish from a different outlet, it may taste horrible. Unless you maintain consistency in taste across all the outlets, it can spoil your brand reputation. The key to maintaining uniform taste is centralized recipe management. A good RMS ensures that standard recipes are followed across all the outlets.  

Boost sales through Loyalty programs

It’s always hard to acquire a new customer at your restaurant. The best method is to entice the existing diners through irresistible offers and discounts. Create customised loyalty programs around the data and the smart insights provided by the RMS.

Loyalty programs can be developed either based on the number of visits or the amount spend at your restaurants. Assess the impact of the loyalty programs periodically and make necessary tweaks.

Smart reservation management

In these times of Covid-19, customers prefer to reserve the tables in advance at restaurants. When you are managing a chain of restaurants, handling advance booking from diners is a real pain. RMS makes reservation process a breeze as you can manage all the bookings from a single dashboard. 

Managing a chain of restaurants is altogether a different ballgame. Relying on the legacy manual systems leads to unnecessary delays, chaos and more chances of misappropriation. Smart restaurant management systems have proved to be a boon as it relieves you from all the hassles associated with manual work. It not only increases efficiency, but also achieve significant cost savings. 


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