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How Customer Loyalty Programs Help You to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

  • Published on : 25/12/2018

In the sea of restaurants, with a new one opening almost every day, it is essential to make your restaurant stand out. Although the food you serve is irresistible, what makes you stand out is the way how you make the patrons feel, i.e., the overall dining experience. It not only helps you retain your regular customers but also attracts new ones, thereby increasing your restaurant sales.

Creating a customer loyalty program is an excellent way to increase footfall at your restaurant. A successful one depends on the restaurant’s ability to enrol patrons. If executed properly, this can be a powerful tool to increase diner frequency and their average spend, both of which can result in increased revenue making your restaurant a profitable business.

Though the restaurant loyalty program is not new to the hospitality business, designing one suited to your restaurant and patrons is essential. You can use a restaurant POS to create an efficient customer loyalty system and convert your diners into loyal ones to drive sales.

1. Create an easy sign-up

One of the most crucial aspects of a customer loyalty program is an easy sign-up. Simplify the entire process by making it appealing and user-friendly so that customers don’t encounter any hassles and participate easily. Active guest engagement with your brand not only speaks volumes about the success of your business but also boosts restaurant sales.

2. Customise your Loyalty Program Based on your Target Audience

For a successful restaurant, it’s all about a diner’s satisfaction at the end of the day. Discounts or gifts can be one of the ways to reward guests. Create a customized and value-focused rewards program as per your diners’ choices. You can implement customer loyalty software integrated with your POS system to help you evaluate the preferences of your audience.

3. Communicate the Offers, Events & New Happenings via Campaigns

Constant communication is one of the keys to help you increase your restaurant sales. Notify your loyal diners about any new addition to the menu or a new speciality and any events that may be happening. Staying in touch and providing the latest updates helps engage customers with your brand. You can do with the help of Email or SMS through the inresto campaign module. 

4. Pay Attention to the Feedback Received

Pay attention to feedback, both good and bad, and learn about the likes or dislikes of your diners. Customer loyalty programs play a major role in redressing any grievances instantly. For e.g., One of your diners expresses his dissatisfaction about the location of the table they got, inresto feedback instantly notifies you about the same, and you can elevate their dining experience by sending a free dessert at their table 🙂

Analysing collective feedback received on the internet and otherwise can help you curate a loyalty program that is best suited for your target audience. Understanding your patrons and building a customer loyalty program around their interest will help you garner major footfall of not only regulars but also new diners.

Inresto’s restaurant POS has been designed with advanced modules like data analysis, customer feedback, customer loyalty, and much more to take care of your entire restaurant’s front and back end operations. 

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