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How has Internet Changed the Restaurant Business?

  • Published on : 22/09/2020

One of the major ambitions of a novel business is to expand its loyal consumer-base. But if we rewind 15-20 years in the past, we can actually draw a clear picture of how technology and the internet have joined hands and brought a drastic change in restaurant businesses.

Unlike a couple of decades ago, the competition has intensified, forcing everyone into stressful and work-centric lifestyles. This has provided the restaurateurs to cater to a larger audience on a day to day basis. This is a busy audience with huge income flow and prefers dining out on a regular basis instead of opting for cooking themselves. Usage of the internet to build brand awareness and reach this target audience is bound to be a boon than a bane. Let’s see how:

1. Increased Popularity

We often see customers clicking pictures of ‘Instagram worthy’ plated food and drinks and posting them across various social media platforms and food review sites. Having an internet presence not only will enable your customers to tag you in their posts, but also allow you to interact with them in a more personalized manner. Apart from that, having a business location set up with google maps will allow people to find you easily.

2. Internet-searches

With the cost of food riding the high horse, your customers are always looking for pocket-friendly places online. If you’re providing delicious food at affordable prices but aren’t seen in their internet searches, a chance of them finding you is very minimal. Hence, it is important to rank in the SERPs (search engine result pages) and get a good CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

3. Advertisements

Advertising on social media and other digital media such as third party websites and applications has enabled customers to find you very easily. Further, if these advertisements are infused with attractive deals, converting these potential customers into loyal ones is even easier. And all of this can be done with a little money and the click of a few buttons.

4. International Customers

The internet can provide visibility to your restaurant among tourists and travelers, especially when they are in your locality and want to try the famous local cuisine from a well-rated restaurant. With a good internet visibility, you can affirm the customers about the quality of food and services provided by you. 

5. Payment Modes

If you are a famous restaurant with no mobile banking options in 2020, you’re sure to lose the game in the long run. With so many cashless payment options, carrying cash has become an inconvenience for the customers. Catering to these needs subsequently takes care of the larger picture. Hence, it would be a good idea to integrate such options sooner.

While these 4 points may make up for the primary changes we have seen in the restaurant industry, the internet has surely modified it much more than we can discuss in one single blog post. Hopefully, this sheds enough light on how the internet can help you not only sustain your restaurant business but to beat your competition aggressively, with little investment.


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