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How Integrations Help to Ease the Billing Operations at a Restaurant

  • Published on : 20/07/2016

An integral part of any restaurant operations is the billing function. It is as crucial as any other functions such as guest relations, kitchen operations, and customer management. As a restaurateur, you cannot afford to keep the customers waiting in long queues at the billing counter. Neither can you afford to make a major mistake in the billing calculation that can hamper the credibility and reputation of your restaurant. 

If any of these issues are making your life miserable, then it’s high time to invest in a restaurant Point of Sales (POS) system. It not only performs the billing function, but also integrates several other important functions such as supply chain management, customer data management, inventory management and a whole lot of other functions.  

Features of a digital restaurant POS system

A modern day, cloud based restaurant management POS system offers many benefits that make it inevitable for restaurants.

Accepts multiple modes of payments 

With the outbreak of Covid-19, customers opt for contactless payment methods as they are concerned about the contraction. As per the studies, the food and beverages sector was one of the top sectors for digital payments sitting at 26%.

The digital POS systems accepts multiple methods of payments such as cash, debit or credit card and digital payment platforms such as Google Pay or Paytm. The billing and real time payment statuses are tracked and recorded from a single dashboard that makes it quite easy to operate. 

Streamlines billing process

One of the major drawbacks of the traditional billing machines is that you cannot integrate orders from multiple platforms. Due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, customers prefer to order food online using ordering apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. As per the survey conducted by Deloitte, since the outbreak of Covid-19 delivery and takeout orders increased by 14%. With India’s reputed digital POS systems such as inresto POS, it seamlessly processes orders from multiple sources such as third party aggregators, websites, apps and many more. One more advantage is that it processes the order fulfilment with absolutely no delays.

Integrates inventory management

The real-time tracking of inventory is made possible anytime from anywhere using the POS systems. The alerts on minimum threshold quantities specific to various outlets and locations help you plan and replenish the order fulfilment accordingly. 

It is quite helpful for restaurateurs operating several branches spread across regions. Based on the orders, the inventory status is updated automatically and you will receive timely notifications. Theft and pilferage is brought down to the minimum, and the detailed reports provide valuable insights on stock variance and pilferage.

Integration of loyalty and marketing campaigns

Based on your customer retention goals, you can define a custom loyalty program on the POS system. The criteria for awarding loyalty points can be the number of customer visits or the amount spent at the restaurant. The impact of the loyalty program can be easily tracked which helps improve customer repeat rates and Return on Investment (ROI). 

For boosting sales at your restaurant, you can launch targeted marketing campaigns as well. Based on the smart insights provided by the POS system, you can identify the target audience and their spending patterns. Marketing campaigns can be run through several communication channels such as SMS, E-mail or push notifications. There is also the option of automating your campaigns and scheduling them according to pre-defined time intervals.

Secure and ease of operations

The digital POS systems such as inresto are stored on cloud servers and your data is far more secured when compared to that of local servers. The system can be operated 24/7 from any platform such as mobile phone, tablets, PC, Android or iOS.

Parting Words

Restaurants can no longer survive on the legacy billing platforms that act as a barrier to the smooth functioning of the billing operations. In an era, when customers are becoming more demanding than ever, it is the need of the hour to implement a digital POS system that integrates multiple functions and facilitates quick, hassle free operations. The state-of-the-art system also helps you gain an edge over the competitors in the industry. 


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