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How is inresto’s Complete Restaurant Management Solution Beneficial for Restaurants

  • Published on : 02/09/2020

Finding a solution has always been one of the go-to strategies for businesses to attain success. This applies ten-folds for restaurateurs, who are constantly experiencing changes and need a requisite solution to attain business success. A complete restaurant management solution enables restaurant owners to bridge the visible gaps in their operations to ensure optimal results.

Founded in 2015, inresto has managed to create a distinguished place among restaurateurs by providing a complete restaurant management solution that enables them to own their data, increase revenue and reduce cost. Applicable for any and all restaurant formats, inresto has revolutionized the way restaurants operate. 

It has helped restaurateurs to manage restaurant-related processes in an effective and efficient manner. Moreover, it has also enabled them to seamlessly scale and be more agile towards adaptation to business environments. Here’s how this platform proves to be a beneficial solution for restaurants:

1. Streamline Front & Back of the House Operations

The front, as well as the backend operations of any business, are pivotal for its success. A restaurant business is no exception. However, problems related to management and operations can often become a bit overwhelming. Thus, highlighting the need for an effective solution.

With its restaurant management solutions, namely inresto POS and inresto Reserve, DineIn, Feedback and more;  the company enables restaurateurs to streamline front and back house operations effectively. This not only empowers the entire process to progress smoothly, but also allows better service provision to customers, and permits serving more customers! 

2. Jumpstart Profitability with its Integrated Technology Platform

inresto has helped over 15,000 restaurateurs to achieve higher profitability and scalability with its integrated technology platform. Backed by Dineout, one of the leading table management solution providers, inresto enables restaurateurs to not only heighten the number of reservations from their existing customers but also elevates the number of new walk-ins. Thereby, steering forth higher revenues and success.

3. Get Actionable Insights to Accelerate Growth

With inresto, restaurateurs can get valuable insights and leverage them to accelerate growth and scalability. With inresto Feedback, customers can submit their feedback and suggestions for improvement, thereby helping restaurants to understand customer pain points and act on instant grievance redressal. Moreover, with DineIn and Guest & Reserve features, restaurants can capture customer preferences and ordering behaviour and leverage the same to send them relevant offers and promotions through its Campaigns module.

4. Manage Your Restaurant From Anywhere

The most exciting part of this solution for restaurateurs is the ease and convenience of keeping an eye on their business, even when they are far away! Technological advancements have enabled business owners to be more informed about the intricacies of their operations, no matter where they are in the world. With inresto, all the insights and customer profiles based on customer preferences are accessible through a single dashboard. This makes it easier for restaurateurs to manage their restaurants, monitor staff performance, and make profit-driven decisions.

inresto’s end-to-end service offerings offer restaurateurs the ability to achieve business goals seamlessly and be ready with solutions even before issues get a chance to impact businesses negatively. 

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