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How Restaurant Metrics Screen Can Ensure Quality

  • Published on : 07/10/2020

Over the past few years, with a rise in the growth rate of restaurants and cafes, the demand for Order Display Screens too has reached its peak!

You don’t need a huge kitchen or be a quick-service restaurant to reap benefits from these Restaurant Metrics Screens. As a matter of fact, restaurants and cafes of all shapes and sizes can gain value from incorporating these screens in their business.

In this piece, we will be talking about restaurant metric screens and how they benefit you and your customers.

What is a Restaurant Metrics Screen?

Restaurant Metrics Screen (RMS) is a technology that can take in the heat of your kitchen! it gives customers a tentative time with regards to how long their food will take to be prepared.

With this advanced technology in your restaurant, you help your customers in making an informed decision about whether or not they have the time to dine-in.

Benefits of Using Restaurant Metrics Screen

1. From a Customer Standpoint

  • Reduced waiting time

One of the major benefits of this screen is it helps restaurants to improve their effectiveness. It also lets them make their service as quick as possible, which in turn lowers the wait time of customers.

  • Customers can make informed decisions

Since these systems let the guests know about how long it will take for them to receive their meal, it speeds up their decision-making process.

  • Improved Customer Experience

When the food is prepared and served in time, it does help you build your restaurant’s reputation. On the other hand, it entices your guests to opt for a full-service experience as compared to those grab-and-go options.

  • Complete transparency

Restaurant Metrics Screens record the time required to prepare each meal and displays the information on the screen for your guests. By doing so, it maintains complete transparency and lets customers make a decision before they enter the restaurant.

2. From a Restaurant Standpoint

  • Improves Kitchen Efficiency

Certain restaurant metrics screens let you route tickets directly to a particular prep station. They also offer a color-coding option for tickets so that you can change it if the order hasn’t been fulfilled in time. This way, you keep your team accountable and improve your kitchen’s efficiency.

  • Tracks Fulfilment Times

RMS tracks the time taken by your staff to fulfil each order and offers an array of reports. This includes the average fulfillment times and areas that must be worked upon. With these reports, you can streamline the process and improve other operations.

  • Adds to Restaurant Credibility

When customers are informed about the prep time beforehand, it helps build trust and faith in your product. They even understand that you’re working by prioritizing their time.

With order display screens gaining popularity, it’s time for restaurants to install the system in their kitchen. This simple addition can improve productivity along with your bottom line!


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