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How software helps in improving operations at a central kitchen

  • Published on : 25/05/2016

QSR players in the F&B industry turn to central kitchens to achieve consistency in the quality of offerings, recipe standardisation across outlets, scheduling efficiency, tracking inventory, and lastly, controlling costs.


With technological development in this sector, software such as Material Management System (MMS) have redefined stock management and improved operations at a central kitchen. From procurement of raw materials, production, management of recipes and inventory, to supply chain deliveries for outlets, this software looks after it all. In addition to this, it can be used to manage consolidated master data, accounts, offers, access multiple reports, etc. It can also do transactions (PO, TO & GR).


A central kitchen software (F&B supply chain management) can also be used to complement the POS (Point of Sale) system. By generating minute-by-minute tracking of sales and inventory in real-time, this combination can guarantee significant improvement in central kitchen operations & overall profitability.


supply chain management

Advantages of using a restaurant supply chain management software in a central kitchen/store/head office include:

• Measurement Allocation
• Inventory management across multiple locations
• Physical (actual) stock verification
• Supplier/Vendor Management
• Food Cost Reports
• Material/Inventory Threshold Setup
• Dish Item Mapping
• Supplier Item Mapping
• Feedback System
• Customer Relationship Management
• Recipe planning
• Wastage or spoilage control at each stage
• Production, purchase, shipping management
• Purchase order management
• Detailed reporting for every business process



Therefore, to run a successful restaurant chain, a central kitchen is crucial, and to ensure improvement and optimal use of resources in a central kitchen, the implementation of a restaurant management system software becomes utmost important.

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