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How to Increase Your Restaurant’s Business with Integrated CRM

  • Published on : 05/09/2016

Understanding customers’ needs and purchasing behaviour is perhaps the biggest driver of success for any business. With respect to the F&B industry, customer data plays a major role in deciding the menu, what specials to keep, which dishes to discontinue, what promotions to offer, etc.

Torqus - Don't be like Jon Snow - Be a Smart Restaurateur
Don’t be like Jon Snow – Be a Smart Restaurateur


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system collects, stores, manages, and makes sense of all customer related information. Very often, restaurants don’t make the most of all the customer information available to them and end up missing out on improving their service and margins. The best way to capitalise on a restaurant’s CRM system is by integrating it with an existing restaurant management system or to purchase a holistic system which provides this module to the owners to capitalise on customer satisfaction, relationship & retention.

There may be separate data collecting systems running simultaneously such as a POS software, loyalty programs, online ordering portal etc. A CRM system equipped with an end-to-end restaurant management system compiles all fragmented data and brings it on one dashboard, therefore, helping to make sense of the entire database of the restaurant and providing valuable insights.
Not only the contact information of the customers is stored, but also their order history, in-house purchases, previous wait staff that serviced them, order preferences, and so on. This integrated CRM can profile customers and segregate the highest spenders, customising service for each and every guest.

Customers are always like Joffery
It further helps restaurateurs make strategic use of data by rewarding loyal customers, creating customised marketing and promotional campaigns, making redemption of offers and coupons easier, etc.

POS integrated with CRM can also prove to be excellent in terms of providing personalised service to customers no matter which outlet of your restaurant chain they visit. Therefore, it helps in creating long-term relationships with customers and is the smartest decision for restaurant business owners.


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