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How to Run a Digital Marketing Campaign for your Restaurant

  • Published on : 28/09/2020

To foster your restaurant business, good marketing of your brand is necessary. For targeting millennial people glued to their smart devices, nothing can be better than digital marketing. There are different ways to strategize your digital marketing goals and achieve your business goals through them. Let’s have a look!

1. A Functional Website

A website is extremely important especially for a restaurant business in order to have an independent identity. With many listing services and review sites surfacing on the internet, a restaurant must have its independent website for its customers to get a sneak peek at the restaurant and build an independent image in their minds. 

Apart from that, a website can aid in the execution of a well-planned digital marketing campaign to attract more eyeballs and build a vast loyal consumer base. Through the website, one can take orders and ensure the pre-booking of tables and ensure increased efficiency in operations.

2. Google Business Listing

A Google business listing is sure to pump up your visibility on the first page of the SERPs (search engine result pages) every time a hungry consumer searches for good places to eat at. Apart from this, a Google business listing can enable the consumer to find your website easily and provide traction to the rest of your digital marketing strategy.

3. Social Media Presence

No digital marketing campaign, especially for a restaurant business, is ever complete without having a raging presence on social media. For restaurant chains, it is suggested that an active presence with a ton of interaction with other restaurant chains and consumers is proven to catapult the brand awareness and hence, lead to higher walk-ins.

Some of the most important platforms for your business include Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. These platforms enable faster, easier, and better interaction with your followers, allowing you to build an image in the minds of your potential consumers about your restaurant. Apart from that, boosting promo codes and providing hearty discounts to first-time walk-ins can also lead to higher sales. 

Sign up On Food Delivery and Restaurant Browsing Applications

Food delivery applications like DineOut have started catching the attention of consumers because of the high level of convenience. This is yet another opportunity for new restaurants and revamped restaurants to gain better visibility. Other applications include Zomato, Swiggy, and Food Panda.

Key Things to Keep in Mind

It is important to note that not every campaign must have a large budget to be successful. If you own a small restaurant and are looking for a pocket-friendly way to support your business, all the above mentioned platforms will provide great conversions.

  • A good digital marketing strategy always trumps a good budget. In most cases, if the strategy isn’t designed in a full-proof manner, the money invested won’t provide a satisfactory ROI.
  • It is important to read up on digital marketing before going ahead with half knowledge. If it was your personal accounts, posting inconsistently wouldn’t have made a big difference. However, for your restaurant’s brand name, your presence on the relevant social media platforms and your website must be active, consistent and highly engaging. Which brings us to our next and final point.
  • It is much better to either assign the task to a particular person on the team or hire a digital marketing specialist to do it for you.

We hope these pointers have provided a little more clarity on things to consider while running a digital marketing campaign.


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