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How to Save Time and Money with Better Staffing Strategy

  • Published on : 31/05/2021

In a food industry severely affected by COVID shutdowns, every business owner wants to know how to improve staffing strategy after the pandemic? If you want to know how to improve your staffing strategy after the pandemic, the first golden rule is to hire wisely, train thoroughly and utilize your staff to the best of their abilities. 

Want to structure your staffing to perfection? First and foremost, find related software solutions that will give you the exact staff expenditure and provide constructive data on your staff. We have compiled a list of 9 good staffing strategies to save money in the restaurant industry.

1. Employee Automation

In the era of rapid technological advances in the food industry, your operations are incomplete without the required technical software. As more and more people adjust to working from home and prefer contactless services, you must streamline the cost of your staff while considering the value of your employees’ jobs. As a business executive, the easiest way to avoid logistical mishaps is to use scheduling software.  Such software offers benefits like employee scheduling and shift planning, attendance reporting, employee time tracking, project budgeting, and other important features you could use.

2. Masters of the Future

New and sophisticated software with complex predictive mechanisms let you peek into the consequences of the change in your business operations. With such software, you’re able to store and analyse information over a long period. Further, it also gives you a better blueprint of your company’s future. 

3. Maintain the Perfect Staff Balance

In addition to the above strategies, you can now optimize your employee work hours and strength according to an employee’s ability and availability, respectively. 

4. Fewer Expenses, More Business

The latest scheduling software offers multiple good staffing strategies to save money in the restaurant industry the right way. Want to know what’s the icing on the cake? Check all your sales data as they happen, and you can deduce the effective measures which will enhance future business decisions. That’s a sure-shot way to the top!

5. Be Smart about Staffing Expenses

Why is technology so relevant to the restaurant business, you ask? Here’s why. It provides you comprehensive data on labour cost percentage, which is the first piece of information you really want at the start of any workday. 

Other than dining outlets, most other restaurant ventures clock labour cost percentages with considerable payroll costs. For instance, you will have to pay full-time salaried workers and contractual employees, various employee incentives, overtime, payroll taxes, medical insurance, and other obligations. 

However, a scheduling software helps you decide faster and manage staff better. Analysing all the above information enables you to track and improve your labour cost percentages. 

6. Know your Employees

Experts have many opinions on how to improve staffing strategy in the restaurant business. They agree that you must get to know your staff better. For instance, a good business owner should know:

  • How are each of his employees performing? 
  • How quickly are they imbibing the training, both upon entry and on the job? 

Such information is integral to reduce turnover costs and avoid the grueling hours of training new employees. 

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Another tip in understanding how to improve staffing strategy is to maximize employee output via a personal approach. You can accomplish that by talking to your staff, getting to know their opinions on their own abilities, refining their strengths, and improving on their weak points. As a result, your task of role assignment will become much easier. 

In case you want to ensure employees stick to strict working schedules, simply use your scheduling software to clock employee punch-ins and punch-outs. That shouldn’t be a problem, as the software possesses the official data of your employees, including delivery personnel. 

7. Don’t Keep your Employees in the Dark 

Your employees should know the details regarding what they are paid, how, and why. That’s why businesses have started mailing Full Benefits Reports that break down the salary structures, rewards and bonuses, taxes and compliance expenses, and several benefits. In turn, you can let them in on an open secret: employee costs are almost always higher than their remunerations! 

Value for the Money: A Mutually Beneficial Policy

To get the most out of your employees, you can cultivate a work ethic where each member of your staff is remunerated for her/his special value with respect to your venture. Choosing to prioritise better work is a key aspect of this. As a restaurant business, you will be able to build motivation by rewarding higher effort and productivity. By incentivizing efficiency, you can boost a healthier work ethic among your employees. 

8. Incentives for Productivity 

A further point of contention is streamlining the rewards and employee incentives program. Make it clear to your employees that individual and departmental incentives will be based on performance and dedication. Moreover, you can lay down concrete rules for bonuses and overtime payment. In turn, your employees will be motivated to work with passion and precision to get those benefits. 

These programs bring you to the most delicate issue in business: the question of misplaced over-incentivizing. When you invest too much in a single mode of production, the innovative nature of your staff gets stifled. Plus, you must be cautious on offering incentives and rewards without checking whether they are impartially given. In that case, not only will your employee face a constricted work culture, but she/he may voice grievances due to unfair/impartial treatment. 

Final Remarks

While the above list is not exhaustive, it presents some good staffing strategies to save money in the restaurant industry. If you are still confused about how to improve staffing strategy, here’s another tip. You can opt for a rollback of operations and judiciously rotate your workers according to the new immediate normal and long-term goals. This way, you can save businesses as well as livelihoods! Plus, your employees will remember this goodwill gesture and repay in kind.

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