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How to increase Restaurant Sales

  • Published on : 15/07/2016

Every other restaurant management guide in the world talks about how sales in your restaurant can be boosted by increasing footfalls to your restaurant, increasing the frequency of your customers’ visits, and getting them to spend more during each visit. However, there is a lot more to increasing sales in your restaurant, and some of these tried and tested techniques are below:

3 Ways to increase sales at your restaurant
1. Redesign your menu

Designing a restaurant menu is one of the most crucial steps in increasing your profits. Best practices include placing your high-profit items in the upper right corner of the menu since that is where people first look, making these items stand out by enclosing them in a box, or turning them into combos so as to make customers feel they are spending less for more.

Another influencing factor is the amount of descriptive terminology used. You must also consider removing the currency sign, as reports have revealed that people tend to spend more when they don’t see it on the menu.

2. Learn the art of upselling

Upselling is a proven technique for increasing restaurant sales. However, this technique requires thorough training of your wait staff. They need to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about different palates and understand their customer well. Their suggestions must be valued and not intrusive in nature. Remember, adding a dessert or an appetiser here and there makes all the difference!

increase sales at your restaurant
3. Stay ahead of the game with technology

With technology penetrating across industries to make processes simpler, you can also turn your restaurant into an extremely lucrative business by setting up the right tools and software. The POS + SCM system has redefined restaurant management with its features like easy UX, streamlining billing process, inventory management, theft control, privacy settings, easy access across outlets and many more.

Most importantly, it helps in controlling food wastage and increases staff efficiency, therefore cutting down the biggest cost. The best part – it can be used online and offline for those who are always on the go!

These software for restaurant are built to maximise profits and minimise loss, and restaurateurs must make the most of them.

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