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kick start your dream restaurant with simplified automative restaurant management systems.

  • Published on : 29/01/2017

Are you an entrepreneur who is nursing an ambition to start a dream restaurant of your own? The idea sounds amazing. However, you need to invest your time and conduct proper research before starting a restaurant in the current times. As per the study by National Restaurant Association, 17% or about 1,10,000 of US restaurants have permanently shut down. Thus, cost cutting and efficient processes has become an imperative in today’ scenario.

Let’s explore how you can leverage the benefits of automation and implement a restaurant management system at your restaurant.


What is a restaurant management system? 

A restaurant management system is a software that helps you streamline the restaurant operations. A major advantage of the platform is that you can manage multiple functions such as billing, inventory management, managing sales data, loyalty programs and much more.


Key advantages of restaurant management software


Go contactless and increase your footfalls 

A recent study by Simon-Kucher & Partners on restaurants reveals that consumers will spend twice as much per month at restaurants that meet cleanliness standards than those that don’t meet cleanliness standards. The modern day, cloud based restaurant management platforms such as inresto offers the enormous advantages of contactless dining. 

With the platform, customers can reserve tables at your restaurant using the mobile app. On reaching the restaurant, they can hand over the vehicle through a digital wallet system, make use of contactless seating and order food using a digital menu. They can make payments using digital wallets as well. A totally safe, contactless system will no doubt attract more customers to your restaurant. 

Achieve significant time savings

The legacy billing machines used to consume a lot of time for performing the billing function. Customers had to stand in long queues waiting for their turn. Now it’s a thing of the past as the platform completes the billing process in no time. You neither have to deal with customer arguments nor software crashes.

In the past, waiters at restaurants used to note down the orders in a slip of paper and walk to the kitchen for communicating the order details. With the software, the waiters takes the order in a tablet. Immediately the order details will be displayed on the monitor in the kitchen (Kitchen Display System). This helps the chef and kitchen staff to understand the order details. Servers no longer have to walk to the kitchen, and thus the platform helps in drastic reduction of table turnaround time.  

Cuts down wastage of inventory and theft

 Excessive stocking of inventory can lead to dead investments. The software platform aids you in ordering the right quantity. Whenever it’s time to place fresh orders, you will be alerted with timely notifications. It also ensures that you never run out of inventory. One more advantage is that you can track the inventory status live from anywhere, anytime.

Theft by staff is another nagging problem faced by restaurant. With the software, your raw materials and supplies are absolutely secure. 

Get valuable insights 

At restaurants there are some dishes that are fast-moving and others are slow-moving. With the help of the information provided by restaurant management platform, you can focus more on the fast-moving items and shed the non performing items from your menu.

The insights such as dishes ordered by a particular customer, preferred timings etc. also comes in handy while devising a loyalty program. 

Employee evaluation

This is another area that you really benefit from. The time taken for an employee to serve the order, his overall performance for a period etc. can be easily inferred from the platform. Based on these insights, you can conduct staff training sessions and provide tips to work on their shortcomings. 


Parting Words  

In the post-pandemic world, restaurant customers have become more demanding than before. If you are not able to meet their requirements there are chances that they might switch to your competitors Thus, while starting a venture of your own, customer delight is of prime importance. The other aspects that need to be focussed upon are cost cutting and reduction of manual labour. With the help of a digital, restaurant management platform you can easily achieve all this and more.  


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