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inresto 2.0 | The Complete Restaurant Management Technology is Here

  • Published on : 28/08/2020

The concept of evolution has long been a fascinating subject for historians and researchers. 

In recent years, the advancement of technology and the changing customer behaviour, has prompted the need for businesses to evolve to stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, in the restaurant industry, there has been a shifting trend in regards to consumer consumption and convenience. 

Today, we are at the forefront of another unprecedented change. A change that has been so severe that it has prompted any and every industry to evolve and adapt – COVID-19.

Amidst the ongoing changes, restaurants have had to look above and beyond to find solutions that translate into results. There is a growing need among restaurant owners to integrate technology, leverage psychology, and build an online presence. Thus, stressing on the need for a complete restaurant management solution.

Enters inresto – a technology-driven solution provider that has now become the one-stop platform for restaurants.

The Combined Power

It was back in 2015, when table-reservation giant, Dineout, had acquired inresto with the intention of providing a holistic solution to restaurateurs. 

Owned by Times Internet, Dineout has been on a constant quest to strengthen its offerings as a full-stack technology service provider in the restaurant industry. 

This was further backed by the acquisition of Torqus back in late 2019. Torqus is a cloud-based restaurant tech solution that helps restaurateurs manage all their back-end activities.

With its footprint across twenty cities in India and a user base of more than 10 million people, Dineout has stood out as the answer to the woes of restaurateurs.

Moreover, the collective power of Dineout, Torqus, and inresto, has made it the first choice among restaurant owners to steer their business towards success. 

The Complete Solution

With a goal of empowering restaurateurs to manage their operations in a more effective manner, inresto has built a portfolio of solutions to cater to a wide array of customers. Here are a few of the solutions offered by inresto:

inresto DineIn: Offer an intuitive and personalized dining experience.

inresto POS: The one-stop solution to manage billing, track order queues, assess reports, and more.

inresto Feedback: Get instant feedback and immediately act on it to retain or acquire customers.

inresto Valet: Reduce the overall valet wait time for your consumers.

inresto SCM: Control, manage, and monitor recipes and inventory to avoid wastage and inefficiency.

inresto Campaign: Engage, interact, and grow by targeting your audience and increase footfall.

inresto White Label: Upgrade online presence to increase reach, bookings, and profitability.

inresto Guest & Reserve: Ensure a seamless reservation process and effective table turnaround ratio.

inresto Loyalty: Create and personalize your loyalty program in a simple manner.

Contactless Dining Solutions: Enabling the new & improved way of dining out 

These innovative and integrated solutions have enabled the company to disrupt the restaurant industry and give restaurateurs the perfect solution to overcome all their worries.

According to the Co-founder of the company, Vijayan Parthasarthy, “inresto has essentially eased operations for restaurants in a wide variety of ways and has helped businesses focus on the important aspects, which is food and customer service.”

The ongoing situation with the pandemic has been unprecedented for businesses across the globe, inresto is no exception. However, amidst the negativity, the company alongside Dineout and Torqus plans to give restaurants the requisite solution to help them stand out and run operations smoothly. 

With its revamped look, expanding services, and technological advancement, inresto is slated to offer restaurants the one-stop service for all their restaurant related concerns.

Check out inresto 2.0 revamped website to take the next step in your restaurant’s journey towards exponential growth and profitability!


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