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Make Your Restaurant More Profitable with Restaurant Management Software

  • Published on : 16/11/2017

Covid-19 has caused a major blow to the restaurant industry all over the world. By hook or crook, restaurants want to cut down the unnecessary expenses and boost profitability.

In this scenario, implementing a modern day restaurant management software would be the best solution to increase the profits at your restaurant. As per the study by Grandviewresearch, the global restaurant management software market is projected to reach USD 6.94 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 14.6%.

Functions that benefit from restaurant management software

Order management

As soon as the waiter takes order from the customer, the order details are displayed on the monitor in the kitchen (Kitchen display System). It helps the chef and kitchen staff clearly understand which department should look into a particular order. Unlike the conventional system, there is no need for the waiter to note down the order on a piece of paper, walk to the kitchen and communicate the order details. The software optimises your kitchen’s turnaround time and helps meet customer orders quickly.


Wastage of food materials is one of the major issues faced by restaurants. Thus, you need to devise a clear plan about food preparation. The digital restaurant management software such as inresto POS provide valuable insights on the sales figures and the peak business hours at your restaurant. The data on fast moving and slow-moving items helps you tweak the menu accordingly.

Inventory management

Overstocking of inventory burns a hole in your pocket. At the same time, if you fall short of food materials, you run the risk of facing a disappointed customer. The software alerts you on minimum threshold quantities and helps maintain the optimal stock levels. The system leaves no scope for theft, and your supplies and raw material are quite secure. Once more major benefit is that you can track the inventory levels live from anytime, anywhere. 

Procurement and vendor management

Procurement of food materials play an important role and you cannot afford to compromise on quality. With the help of the platform, now you can manage procurement effortlessly. Streamline the vendor management process by comparing the various vendors and the rates quoted. You can achieve major cost savings as the restaurant management system fulfils all the requirements from the central kitchen. Optimum use of kitchen resources cuts down the overall grocery cost and requirement. 

Employee management

Evaluating the performance of your staff members is quite easy with the inputs provided by the platform. It provides various metrics, such as the time taken to serve the food and the performance of the staff during peak hours. Deliver adequate training to your staff members to overcome those shortcomings. Recognise the efforts of the efficient staff members and reward them in the form of awards or appreciation. Such small steps lead to increased productivity and a loyal employee base.  

Loyalty programs

With the help of Inresto, customise the loyalty programs based on the number of visits or the amount spend at your restaurant. Customers can redeem these points for discounts, freebies or points. Track the impact of the loyalty program and make changes wherever required. You can assess the impact based on customer repeat rates and Return on Investment (ROI).


Social media ads and digital marketing have replaced the traditional marketing techniques. With restaurant management software, you can engage and interact with your diners. Identify your target audience and launch campaigns through various communication channels such as SMS, E-mail or push notifications. The biggest advantage is that these campaigns can be automated and scheduled in specific time intervals. Run multiple campaigns simultaneously with personalised content for each audience segment. 

The insightful reports help you assess the impact of the previous campaigns. Tweak the marketing program wherever required. The target marketing efforts lead to increased footfalls and more revenue for your restaurant.   

Parting Words

Restaurants are struggling to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic. In the new normal, profits have become wafer thin and there is a sharp decline in the number of walk-in diners. Restaurant management platforms help you achieve a drastic reduction in manual efforts. It not only boosts your profits but also increases efficiency significantly. 


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