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Measures a restaurant needs to take to be safe from Covid- 19

  • Published on : 18/03/2020

Covid-19, commonly known as Coronavirus, has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This has resulted in a panic amongst people. In India, Covid-19 cases rise to 147, and the numbers are growing steadily.

Under such circumstances, it is essential to maintain the utmost hygiene to keep both your staff and diners safe. The lack of confidence to step out in public spaces is making people wary about going to malls and restaurants in particular. People have started avoiding non-vegetarian food. Among various covid-19 trending hashtags, #NoMeat_NoCoronaVirus has been an ongoing one. 

The food and beverage industry has seen decreased footfall due to this. Although, with the right safety measures being taken, restaurants are performing their role by taking extra care of the hygiene. It’s not only a matter of your customer’s safety but also the matter of your own safety. With food delivery platforms like zomato and swiggy opting for services like – leave the food at the door service, where the valet leaves the food at the doorstep, and the customer can pick it up later, many restaurants are also following conduct because health comes first. All of us together need to save the world from this pandemic. 

Here are the preventive measures you can incorporate in your restaurant to protect your staff and your guests:

Masks and surgical gloves for staff


The staff should be instructed to work with the mask and gloves on only. It should be mandatory for the chefs and servers who are handling the food items.

Staff Survey Activity 

  • The staff must be surveyed. It must be made sure that their family or friends do not have this virus or have been suspected of it. 
  • Proper check must happen on whether staff members have travelled abroad recently, especially to China or Italy
  • On-ground check-ups must be conducted. A person must be assigned to check the temperature of the staff as they enter the restaurant every day

If any of the above is true for any staff member, then they should immediately be sent to the hospital for a check-up.

Keep your outlet extra clean

Sanitize your restaurant every day

  • The furniture, the floors and the kitchen space should be sanitized every day before closing. Extra care of hygiene at all times must be ensured. The frequency of cleaning has to be increased. 
  • Sanitizers at every table must be kept for your guests. There must be a designated hygienic space where your staff and guests can wash their hands. 


Inform your customers of the safety measures

The diners must be aware that you are serious about their safety and that you have taken the necessary preventive measures. Send them personalised SMS or emails that convey the message. 

Providing healthy and clean meals to your guests must be the priority right now, and taking care of the fact that the work environment is safe for your staff is also very important. It would be best if you told your staff and diners that your restaurant is taking all the necessary measures.

The good part is that if the right measures are taken at the right time, we can prevent the virus from spreading further. Incorporate these things at your restaurant and make it a safe space for your colleagues and guests.

Now that you have read this blog. Don’t forget to wash your hands. 😉

Stay Safe 🙂




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