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Must Have Restaurant Technologies in 2020

  • Published on : 11/09/2020

With digital restaurant innovation, one simply cannot ignore the value of technology in the F&B space. Restaurant innovations are now becoming essential for automating processes, increasing efficiency and for elevating customer satisfaction. Here is a list of must-have restaurant technology that should be used by every restaurant in 2020!

1. Online Reservation

Digital table reservation is one of the most popular innovations used by restaurants to simplify table reservation procedures for their customers. The online table reservation system allows customers to book tables according to their dining preference, online from the convenience of their homes.

2. Customer Relationship Management

In order to boost customer relationships and restaurant sales, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology is the answer. A CRM program lets businesses track and review detailed client information to help promote the business. A successful CRM records it all–contact details for customers and other personal details (such as their birthdays and anniversaries, etc.) on their order history, food preferences, apps mostly used to place orders, preferred payment methods, etc..

3. Wi-Fi

Virtually every single person is active on the internet. Further, more and more restaurant and café chains are offering free wifi to their customers to enable seamless browsing. Hence, providing free WiFi to your customers can truly make or break their loyalty to your restaurant. Further, many people like to capture Instagram worthy moments of food and friends in restaurants and post them online. This means free publicity! So, there is no reason why you shouldn’t offer free WiFi to your customers and help them post a review or two about your restaurant in the most organic way possible.

4. Online Payment

The best thing to have happened to both parties–the customers and restaurateurs–is electronic payment and is one of the most important restaurant technologies one could adopt in 2020. With the introduction of mobile wallets and online payment devices, people no longer need to carry cash or even credit/debit cards.  Online payment facilities have made it simple for customers to pay using their mobile phones and for restaurateurs to collect payment in a time-efficient and risk-free manner. Using digital wallets such as Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, Citrus, etc. has enabled restaurants to collect payments directly into their bank accounts, without worrying about cash theft from employees. Plus, usage of online payments has gained new levels of importance post-pandemic where people want to minimize exposure to foreign surfaces and touches!

5. Loyalty Programs

The tried and tested strategies for attracting new clients are reward schemes. Previously, cash registration staff had to add, accumulate and redeem card loyalty points manually. Restorers can now synchronize POS loyalty programs and automatically assign points. The only thing the registration staff has to do is to input relevant information to automatically attach points to the scheme.

6. Digital Ordering and Digital Feedback Forms

Digital ordering and digital feedback forms have become some of the biggest tools of restaurants to still keep tracking feedback and implementing change in this pandemic-stricken world. As people are more cautious about touching paper-based surfaces, they feel much safer to order and give feedback from their own cell phones.

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