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Omnichannel Marketing for Restaurants: 5 Key Tactics to Boost Customer Brand Recall

  • Published on : 22/02/2022

The recent decade has seen the restaurant industry evolve from a conventional physical existence to a multi-channel presence. Omnichannel marketing refers to usage of more than one channel of marketing for better interaction with customers by businesses. Omnichannel marketing is the crowning touch of this exciting transformation. It engages both offline and online platforms to build an omnichannel interaction with consumers. This multifaceted mechanism helps the restaurant industry to establish its presence on multiple platforms. It also helps restaurants improve their serviceability and customer experience.

The recent changes in the way restaurants cater to their customers have brought a major overhaul to the conventional ordering and dining approach. The need for a uniform and seamless experience over omnichannel platforms has never been more crucial. Earning customer brand recall to make your restaurant a success requires a steady and intuitive approach. Engaging them correctly can improve your business’s presence over multiple platforms

Here are 5 key tactics to boost your customer brand recall:

1. Maintain Your Brand’s Unique Personality

Make sure to keep your branding uniform while engaging on multiple online and offline channels. Catering to the customers for order taking, receiving, and paying for the meals through various avenues needs to leave a uniform yet lasting impression. Whether interacting through an app, on a call, over a kiosk, or in person, all avenues must endorse uniform branding. A brand that inspires trust and familiarity with impeccable service is far more likely to have a higher reach than one lacking in any of these aspects.

Whether using online platforms like social media, emails, messaging apps, or offline platforms as email newsletter, online advertisements, coupons, print media, and loyalty rewards ensure you keep the branding uniform. Using a different brand language on each platform often may leave a negative impact on your brand name and will not instill much faith. A brand that looks dependable, on the other hand, may encourage more loyalty from customers.

2. Elevate the Customer Experience

Right from reservation management, online ordering solutions, to contactless and marketing solutions, inresto helps in making the entire restaurant management process a seamless experience for the restaurant staff. This also elevates the customer experience by big degrees, enabling you to develop a long term relationship with your diners.

Whether the customer places an order through a QR code, through an app, online, or physically, your service needs a consistent response strategy. A service that adequately targets the customers’ need for convenience, personalized service, swift dispensation, and a dependable brand name is one that benefits most. Ensure every query is given adequate attention and all negative reviews are followed up. Only your customers’ responses will pave the way for your future business plans.

3. Build Better Relationships with your Customers

Focus on building better relationships with your customers. A personalised experience will leave a better impression than an impersonal one. Engaging in conversations with clients makes you more attuned to their needs and helps you enhance your methods of catering to them. This two-way street benefits both customers as well as the restaurant industry. After all, it is the customers’ responses that drives the restaurant industry to serve better.

Establishing conducive connections will effectively boost your marketing initiatives. Engaging with social media influencers is one good way of improving your brand recall. They not only improve engagement on social media with consumers but can also drive interaction with consumers. This method, when employed strategically, can be a good source of brand growth and revenue. Building better relationships with your customers can help you make your regular patrons into ambassadors for your restaurant. You can engage with the option of your choice, depending on the funds you allocate for your marketing needs.

4. Use Customer Interaction Data for Intuitive Business Acumen

Data-driven analytics has been a game-changer in the restaurant industry. Employing information appropriated from customer data can prove highly valuable for your business insight. Customer data will help you to improve the efficacy of your service and enhance the consumer’s experience. 

The recent pandemic has brought in a large set of restrictions that can put a dampener on customer satisfaction. Interaction with customers brings you intuitive information that can make your business strategy more effective with the least effort. Using the data analysis can help you make the most of the situation and still improve your ordering and dining experience by personalizing the service you give the consumers. This will help you turn your customers into your regular patrons and earn their trust and satisfaction.

5. Effectively put CRM Data into use

CRM data holds a mine of immeasurably vital customer information. You can use the data from your CRM solutions to effectively drive your business’s growth. Ensure that you engage in campaigns that focus on reward systems for important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Using inresto loyalty and campaign module, you can easily do this through SMS and email. Tracking customer behavior is also a means of improving personalization of service. Providing incentives that favor customer’s favorites is an effective method of ensuring repeat business.

CRM data can also help you track customer reviews, feedback, and queries. Responding to every one of them can help you gain engagement and organic content for social media platforms. When given adequate attention, this can be a profitable tool to navigate through the needs of the consumers. This can also help you improve your restaurant’s brand visibility and recall and strengthen customer relations.

An omnichannel marketing strategy is a multi-pronged tool that can boost your restaurant’s marketing design in manifold ways. Improving customer brand recall can effectively create additional revenue sources for your restaurant while making your restaurant accessible to a wider range of population through multiple means. You can help your customers get exactly what they need whenever they need it.


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