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Our Diners and Restaurants are Ready for Contactless Dining

  • Published on : 04/05/2020

The worldwide pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. This has had a widespread effect on individuals as well as businesses. The restaurant industry has been gravely injured due to the lockdown. But that never stopped diners from craving their favourite dishes. The new social commentary in the form of memes paints a significant picture for us.

As human beings and a social community, we have undergone immense change. Usually this change has been gradual and slow paced. But as the world has suddenly halted to take notice, we are bound to change few things to fit into the new narrative. The restaurant industry too is posed with an improved way of operations, and luckily we have been able to unravel the same.

Contactless Dining | The way forward for restaurant industry

The world is gearing up for a ‘new normal’. The restaurant industry is not far behind, either. But what does this new normal entail for us? The answer is in technology. And we have figured out the best way to integrate tech with the existing operating model, without compromising on the human side of the hospitality business.

Contactless Dining comes to the rescue here, enabling restaurants to serve these diners in a safe and secure environment.

How does this work?

It aims at reducing nonessential physical interactions between staff and diners, keeping both the parties involved at a safe distance. It allows ease of business. These can be simple actions like booking a table, pre-ordering meals, takeaway, digital ordering, digital payment, etc. 

  • Contactless dining taking shape and working seamlessly with the existing restaurant operating model.
  • In-restaurant behaviour with respect to order placement, payment mode, and feedback is set to change dramatically. 
  • Restaurants will need to engage and interact with the diners closely and rebuild their trust. 
  • Diners standing outside the restaurant in a queue will be a thing of the past. Soon most visits will be pre-planned and booked in advance.
  • Hygiene and safety precautions will add to the deciding factor list of diners.

Read a more detailed White Paper with revamped guidelines, best practices and how exactly contactless dining is paving the way for the restaurant industry.

What’s on the Diners Mind?

We have been in constant touch with our diners, interacting and engaging with them. So, we took this opportunity to understand them better. We launched a survey to get a pulse of diner sentiments at this hour. What came to the surface was surprising and reassuring at the same time. 

Our diners are waiting with bated breath to visit their favourite restaurant and gorge on food.

  • The city that can’t wait to party hard is Bengaluru.
  • Diners miss casual dining the most. They want to sit back and relax as their favourite dishes get served to them in a beautiful setting.
  • Big Chill in delhi has many takers, guess their years of amazing service has left a lasting impression on the diners mind and soul.
  • What dish most diners want to devour? 100 points for guessing it right. It’s PIZZA!

This was just a taste of what the diners are looking forward to. Find out about their food preferences, reservation mode, what all they want to avoid.


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