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Why Your Restaurant Needs a Feedback Management Software Right Now!

  • Published on : 30/11/2018

We are going through times where restaurants are battling with cutthroat competition. A function that is generally neglected but helps you gain a clear advantage over competitors is customer feedback. As per, in recent survey 43% of the respondents stated that they don’t complain/leave feedback because they don’t think that the business cares. Of the same group, 81% said they would be willing to leave feedback if they knew they would get a fast response.

Customer feedback aids you in understanding the pulse of customers, adopt corrective measures and improve your service levels significantly.

What is a Feedback management software?

A feedback management software is a system that helps you capture feedback from customers, organise and analyse the findings from the feedback. Here are 7 key benefits of Feedback management software

Personalise your feedback form

The legacy customer feedback software lacked the feature to personalise the feedback form. You won’t get the desired results unless you personalise the feedback questions. Digital restaurant management System such as inresto Feedback lets you customise the feedback form.

Based on your priority, the parameters can vary from food, service or the overall dining experience. As soon as the diner completes filling up the feedback form, you will be alerted via both E-mail and SMS.

Increases customer retention rates

Its always easy to boost your profits by focussing on the existing customers. A survey by Invesp shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25-95%.  An effective technique for customer retention is to implement the valuable suggestions provided by your diners. Such measures enhances their loyalty and prompts them to make repeated visits at your restaurant.

Facilitates instant grievance redressal

With quick digitised alerts, the software helps you take corrective measures immediately. When you resolve the customer complaints in no time, diners will feel more valued. You can also offer special discounts to those diners who have raised grievances. 

References from existing customers

Before visiting a new restaurant, it’s quite natural for customers to check with their friends or relatives for reviews. It adds to the credibility when an existing customer refers your restaurant to their acquaintances. Once the feedback is captured from the customer, apps such as inresto redirects the customer to share reference details. 

Smart insights to identify gaps

When you collect feedback using paper-based feedback forms, reaching a conclusion is quite difficult. The feedback management software provides valuable insights to identify your shortcomings. For eg. if majority of the customers point out that the pizza is overcooked, the platform will notify you on the same. It gives an opportunity to have a discussion with the chef and take corrective measures. By implementing the software, you can say goodbye to the legacy paper-based feedback forms.

Measure customer satisfaction

Evaluate customer satisfaction with the help of feedback management software. There is a strong linkage between customer satisfaction and sales. Assume that majority of customers have rated your restaurant as average on customer satisfaction. It’s a clear indication that you need to dig deep and find out the various reasons that caused the disgruntlement. Work on your weak areas, make the necessary improvements and check the customer satisfaction scores after a month. It will help you understand where you stand in terms of customer expectations.  

Helps in strategic decision making

In an industry that is running on wafer-thin margins, you need to have sufficient data in hand to take strategic decisions. You might want to shed those dishes that have received negative feedback from the diners. The software comes to your aid in finding out the dishes that have earned the best reviews and the ones which have fared poorly. Another major decision may be to add a new type of cuisine to your restaurant menu. When you have valid data to support your decisions, you can go ahead with confidence. 

Parting Words

In today’s highly competitive business environment, customer feedback can make or break your restaurant. A robust feedback management software has become an imperative as you cannot afford to lag behind the competitors. The 7 benefits discussed above make it worth investing in a feedback management software and increase customer loyalty. 



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