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Santa Comes Early This Year

  • Published on : 21/12/2020

Before the onset of India’s festive season, Deloitte 90 day market report showed how consumers were gearing up for the season. The survey also highlighted how 47% of its respondents were okay with eating out in restaurants. And boy, did it come true. 

Footfall in premium malls housing retail stores, restaurants, and food courts witnessed 90% of pre-Covid levels. F&B has reached around 70% of previous levels and is expected to grow faster during the Christmas season. Cause it’s the time when people want to step outside, marvel at different kinds of decorations, gorge on delicious food and chat away with their family & friends. But there are certain kind of restaurants that are gaining preference over others. These are the ones who are tech-enabled.

So how can our gifts in the form of technology help a restaurant business capitalize on the customer’s renewed joy of dining out and help boost revenue? 

Here is how!

1. Don’t hold back on the decor

People have been bored to death watching the same skyline from their windows and staring at the same walls when not binging on shows. So give their senses a treat to remember. This year go beyond the traditional decor and bring in the element of spice & creativity. And don’t let the social distancing rules damper your Christmas spirit.

Let your customers book their favourite spot well in advance. So they can avoid any unnecessary queue at the entrance, your restaurant can adhere to the social distancing rules. inresto’s Guest & Reserve lets you make the most of your limited seating arrangement, increase table turnaround time and avoid overcrowding all at the same time. Yes, you no longer have to choose capacity management over profitability!

2. Build a special menu

No one holds back from gorging during this holiday season. Once a year, the dieting rules take a gracious exit, and in comes the inner child who wants to make every meal count. So turn away from calorie counting, bring in your best chefs and curate a dining experience seen like never before. 

And you don’t need to go back to the drawing board, design a new menu and run after vendors for printing. All of that and more is now possible within hours due to inresto’s Digital Menu that helps you add and remove items on the go, and also implement dynamic pricing that helps you maximize your profits. Additionally, it also helps remove a high touch element like a paperback menu and ensures the safety of both your customers and your employees.

3. Create gifting packages

Since people saw their dear ones much less this year, they are more likely to send them gifts to mark their togetherness. Create customizable gifting packages that can travel the distance. Let your customers buy it off the counter or, better yet, make them available for online ordering for better accessibility. This will give your revenue a much-needed boost.

Your customers are constantly scrolling through Instagram, gazing at beautiful images. Upload a beautiful staged image of your dishes or gifting packages on Instagram and get direct orders. Similarly, Facebook order widget activation can be leveraged to redirect your customers to your website and place an order. You can also enable WhatsApp Integration and let your phone buzz with incoming orders.

4. Let them participate

This year everyone faced work-related fatigue and vented out in their kitchen, indulging in the art of cooking. Why not give their new interest a professional nudge? On days when business is slow and dining space is likely to be less occupied, a Chef’s special cooking class that boasts of trading kitchen secrets will prove profitable. You can connect with your customers through an email campaign and gauge their interest. 

It will help build a close relationship with your customers, who will reshare their experience on social media. This will give the business free publicity and more incoming customers.

With 2020 is on its last leg, people are looking for avenues to release their pent-up need for extravagance and make up for all the celebrations they missed out on in the early part of this year. So gear up well in time, make the most of inresto’s well packaged Contactless Dining suite as the Christmas present to you, draw up a plan to reconnect, rebuild and rejoice this Christmas season. 

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