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Save Time with Restaurant Automation: Reduce Company Overheads!

  • Published on : 25/09/2019


If you are a restaurant owner, you must understand how hard it is to juggle between a series of activities. Customer experience management coupled with overheads, workforce and time management makes it even more tedious.

Did you know that a restaurant automation software can help you perform these activities more efficiently? A study revealed cloud POS market is predicted to hike from USD 1.5 billion in 2018 to around USD 6 billion by 2025, according to a 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. The Asia Pacific cloud POS market revenue will grow at a CAGR of over 27% during the forecast period as the region is witnessing high adoption of restaurant POS solutions due to increasing usage of these devices for food delivery applications. Read the story of James and how his restaurant sales dipped for not having the automation process

James is a restaurant owner who wanted to open a fine-dine restaurant since he was 15. When, finally, he got a chance and funds to open a dining restaurant last year, he did everything right. The interior was perfect, the dining aura was spot-on, and the chef was impeccable. However, even after a year of hard work, James is still struggling to manage. Although he receives a lot of customers who also like food, his retention rate is poor. Most of the diners don’t return and he simply has to put in extra efforts to ensure smooth interaction between the restaurant and the customer.

This means that his inventory is always a mess and many times they don’t have enough inventory for certain menu essentials. Moreover, he has to stay in on Sundays to track all the activities, orders, and analyze data to prevent fraud. Every once in a while, James also has to spend at least a week to maintain compliance with policies, laws, licenses, and regulations.

As a result, James is spending most of his time in the restaurant and still not achieving an optimum outcome. He has to face fraud and discrepancies, his taxes are flawed, and inventory items still run out-of-stock without notice.

Today, many restaurants face a similar problem. They are spending extra time in restaurant management but the efforts don’t convert to profits and increased brand value. In fact, they are losing money due to mismanagement of inventory.

The solution to all these problems faced by a restaurant owner is found in a restaurant automation software. Here’s a quick overview of how a restaurant automation software can help you reduce time and money spent on management. Check out the infographic and see how can you resolve these issues.

How a Restaurant Automation System Can Save You Money and Time?

Accelerated Serving Process

It is overwhelming to remember all the orders. If the server makes a mistake, you end up ruining customer experience. This can also lead to losses as the customer can leave without paying the bill. A restaurant automation software can help you streamline order management and accelerate the serving process.

Reduced Inventory Overhead or Wastage

A restaurant automation software can help you manage your inventory. You can track the monthly requirements of inventory with previous months’ data. Using this data, it is possible to accurately judge the correct inventory needs, which will help you avoid under-buy or over-buy of inventory.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

If you have multiple restaurants or units or even tasks, you can centrally manage all of these. A restaurant automation software provides the flexibility of tracking every activity through updated data. Say goodbye to guesswork.

Reduced Manual Work

It is hard to manage accounts manually. With restaurant automation software, you can automate this task, which helps you decrease unnecessary time and money spend on accounts. Further, accurate calculations allow you to maintain compliance.

Reduced Discrepancies

Every restaurant is susceptible to fraud and theft. A restaurant automation software can analyze your records around the clock to reduce discrepancies. With real-time data, you can eliminate the additional manual errors too.

Final Word

If you also wish to utilize restaurant automation software to enhance the working of your restaurant, reach out Inresto. We believe in taking care of all your restaurant operations and management, while you take care of your primary asset – food. With our customizable offerings, consistent support and cutting-edge software, we can help you reduce the time and money spent on restaurant management.


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