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Secret tips from secret Santa to drive sales during the Christmas month

  • Published on : 11/12/2020

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality”  – Washington Irving

Christmas is around the corner & restaurants across India have put on their Santa hats & are getting ready to make evening dinners and breezy brunches hospitable. 

We have got you some secret Santa tips to steal all the attention this year! Are you ready to be the shining star? Read on!

1. Revamp the Restaurant Decorate 

You cannot go without setting up a Christmas tree & lighting it up with fairy lights and cute Christmas ornaments. 

Along with that, don’t miss out on the entrance. Put a wreath on the door and hanging stars to create the vibe. And let the lovers kiss goodbye after the happy meal.

To amp up the vibe, set up a Christmas themed live gig, fun food challenges, and/or karaoke. 

Don’t forget to click pictures and upload them on social media. People should know what they are missing out on!

2. Create a Special Christmas Menu

Dining out in December cannot happen without having a taste of to-die-for Christmas-themed dishes. Rum & plum cakes, mulled wine, gingerbread cookies, & more is a must-have.

A Digital Menu, everyone’s favourite this year, makes it easier for you to cross-sell and up-sell your special items. It also saves you the printing hassle and cost. 

While you create a special Christmas menu, don’t forget to update your website & social media with these latest additions & ongoing offers!

In addition, curate Christmas Special food hampers: 

With a combination of Dry cakes, Christmas tree-shaped cookies, hot chocolate mix, and wine bottles, you can curate food hampers which your diners can gift their loved ones on Christmas. You can also add small gifts to it. 

If you think you don’t have enough time and resources to get the packaging and set up in place, you can simply sell dry cakes, cookie boxes, hot chocolate mix for takeaway. It’s not Christmassy enough until we have Christmas cakes for the entire month.  

3. Offers & Discounts 

A little hatke offers, combos, and BOGO deals would surely make your diners feel that you are their secret Santa in disguise. 

The regular discount offers and BOGOs are boring. Keep the festive spirit up by introducing these interesting, crowd-pleasing offers- 

1. Red & Green Food combo:

  • Red velvet cupcakes + green mojito
  • Green Pizza + Raspberry iced tea
  • Pesto pasta + red wine

Get your creative minds and chefs’ skills in the right direction to create these super cute combos for your diners. 

If your restaurant’s decor is red and green in theme or red and white, these food dishes, when on the table, will add to the overall vibe and amp up the Christmas spirit! 

2. 50% off on Christmas themed drinks

3. Free Christmas themed cookies for anyone who comes wearing a Santa hat.

4. Christmas cake discount vouchers:

Diners who come for lunch or dinner at your restaurant get these Christmas cake vouchers, which they can use on takeaway Christmas cakes or cookies. 

5. A Christmas themed cookie FREE on every hot chocolate purchase.

You can partner with Dineout and delight your diners with the most loved deals and enjoy the non-stop love showered by them.

4. Gift cards, Giveaways & Loyalty points

Gift cards are the new gifting trend. Anyone prefers to gift their friends choice with a little personalized thought behind it. Anyone who loves to dine out (who doesn’t, right?) would love to be gifted restaurant gift cards. 

These can be in cute Christmas themed design to keep up with the festivities. 

Loyalty Programs are a great way to encourage your diners to visit your restaurant again. You can create these programs customized to each diner’s needs with the help of digital technology software like inresto customer loyalty program

Know more about why and how to create a restaurant loyalty program.

Giveaways are the rage on social media. Since we are living in the age of social media, there cannot be a better way to get mileage for your restaurant than Giveaways on social media. 

Organise a contest, and 3 winners can win gift cards, food hampers, or discount vouchers for Christmas and New Year of your restaurant. 

5. Charity Programs

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by helping the underprivileged.

You can do your part in the following ways- 

  • Donate the leftover food
  • Create a donation campaign on social media: You can ask your followers to post a picture of them at the restaurant enjoying a Christmas meal, and with each story/post they do, you feed one child a meal. 
  • You can sell small Christmas gifts, the entire revenue from which goes to an NGO, or you can dedicate a percentage of revenue from the food hampers and takeaway goodies for charity. 

Campaigns like these really encourage people to be attached to your brand for a good cause. 

Hope these ideas make your Christmas merrier and give your restaurant a great kick start in 2021!  

Happy Serving! 


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