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Six Things Every New Restaurant Manager Needs to Know

  • Published on : 12/10/2020

Restaurant management is like driving any other complex business. Each spoke of the wheel – from staff, menu, inventory, and hospitality to customers, locations, delivery, marketing, budget, and expansion – must be lubricated so that your restaurant runs like a smooth Rolls Royce, earning both revenue and renown. 

What about your responsibilities as a restaurant manager? As the head of your restaurant (or a chain), you must practice what you preach. Your attitude regarding your position and duties will influence every aspect of your business. This includes the quality and variety of food items, the ambience, the receptivity shown by your employees, the profit you generate, and the promotions you organize.

As a restaurant manager, you need to face multiple managerial tasks as well as ensure your personal growth. Besides, you must keep abreast of various innovations in the worldwide restaurant industry, to use them to your benefit when the time is right. Here are some of the best tips for aspiring restaurant managers.

1. Proactive Management 

Your foremost responsibility is to be active in every aspect of management. After meticulously chalking out your staff recruitment goals, you must cater to the needs of your restaurant employees and seek ways to boost their morale. 

In addition, based on your overall operational knowledge, you must standardize menu updates, organize promotional campaigns, optimize your inventory use, and regularly conduct data analysis regarding consumer trends (for improved marketing strategies). 

2. Restaurant Management Software

Completing all these tasks single-handedly can be daunting, and you might make unfortunate errors. Therefore, planned investment in technology will help you streamline the above processes. In our digital era, software developers have created fantastic restaurant management software that will ease your burden. 

Software that handles Supply Chain Management makes each aspect of your restaurant business hassle-free. From staff, operations, and inventory optimization to enhanced marketing strategies based on regular real-time industry data (and trends), a management system software ensures error-free management for your entire business. Invest in the most suitable software, sit back, and say cheese!

3. Consistency

In matters of communication, regulations, and expectations, your consistency makes you reliable in the eyes of your employees, especially in stressful situations. Ensure proper planning and management and stick with the level of efficiency. This will enable customers to realize the consistency in quality that your restaurant provides. 

4. Staff retention

Careful recruitment and staff satisfaction ensure staff retention, which directly improves customer experience, increase customer retention, and attracts new customers. Make sure that your employees realize the impact of cordiality and decency on positive customer experiences and brand outreach.

5. Customer Satisfaction

In addition to staff retention, cleanliness, positive ambiance, food hygiene and quality, variety in menus, affordability of prices, the pace of service etc. all contribute to improved customer experiences. Take care of these aspects, and you have got a thriving restaurant!

6. Apprenticeship 

Furthermore, you should gather the knowledge and opinions of industry experts, both online platforms and in person. They will tell you that both online (social media pages where you regularly post promotional content) and offline (word-of-mouth; excellent service to and behaviour towards customers) advertising is instrumental to business expansion. Such data must be gathered in real-time and updated consistently. 

In summary, the above points are crucial to your success as a restaurant manager. Look after your health, avoid being overburdened, choose technological aid, and make informed decisions based on thoroughly analyzed market data. Good luck with your restaurant!


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