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5 top reasons to implement restaurant POS software in your restaurant business in 2021

  • Published on : 25/02/2019


Technology plays an integral role in the management of modern day restaurants. As per the report by PR Newswire, they project the size of the global restaurant management software market to grow by USD 2.84 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 15%.

The ever-increasing popularity of restaurant management software vouches for the enormous benefits experienced by restaurateurs. It helps you manage multiple functions such as billing, inventory management, loyalty programs and marketing with absolutely no hassles.  Here are 5 top reasons to implement restaurant POS software in 2021:

Let’s explore the various benefits of implementing the restaurant management software.

Stay relevant by going contactless

With the outbreak of Covid-19, restaurant customers have become more hygiene conscious. Unlike the earlier days, they prefer contactless dining options while visiting restaurants. As per the study by Datassential, 82% of customers said that contactless payments would make them feel safe dining in, and 81% shared the same opinion about contactless ordering options.  

With digital restaurant management platforms such as inresto Dineout, customers can book a table at your restaurant and pre-order food. Once the diner arrives at your restaurant, he/she hands over the vehicle through the contactless valet system. By using the digital menu, they scan the QR code and place the order for food. While leaving, the option of contactless digital payments delivers an absolute safe dining experience for your customers. The restaurant also stand equally benefited, as it lets you collect valuable opinions of diners with the help of the contactless feedback system.

Inventory wastage is a thing of the past

Inability to forecast the future requirement of raw materials leads to wastage at your restaurant. However, you cannot afford to stock less amount of inventory as you may run the risk of not able to deliver the food items ordered by diners. With the help of smart inventory management systems such as inresto SCM, live tracking of inventory is now possible from anytime, anywhere.  Based on your orders, the inventory status is updated automatically. One more benefit is that you will receive timely alerts on minimum threshold quantities specific to various outlets. The feature ensures that you never run out of food items demanded by customers.

Theft by employees is a major cause of concern for restaurants. The restaurant management software leaves no scope for theft as your supplies and raw materials are quite secure with the system. 

Make use of valuable insights

For planning the future operations, it’s quite necessary to gather information on customer preferences and employee performance. The restaurant management software offers smart insights such as the fast moving and slow moving items in your menu. It helps you shed the low performing items and focus on the fast moving ones. Employee evaluation is pretty easy as you are provided with insights such as the time taken for serving a dish, kitchen turnaround time etc. 

The platform also provides various reports that help you increase efficiency and cut down unnecessary expenses. 

Manage multiple outlets effortlessly

If you are a restaurant owner dealing with multiple outlets, then the software aids you in managing procurement smoothly. Now it’s possible to fulfil all your requirements from the central kitchen and achieve huge cost savings. Streamlining vendor management is quite easy and it optimises prices and quantity. It also leads to optimum use of kitchen resources that cuts down the overall grocery cost and requirement.

Boost customer loyalty

The best way to increase customer footfalls at your restaurant is by focusing on your existing diners. Based on your customer retention goals, you can define a custom loyalty program. The criteria for rewarding loyalty points can be either the number of visits or the amount spend at your restaurant. The option of tracking the impact lets you make tweaks to the loyalty program based on customer repeat rates and Return on Investment (ROI). 

In the post pandemic world, restaurant customers have become too demanding. To add to the woes, profits have become wafer thin. In order to meet their expectations, it’s an imperative to implement a modern day, digital restaurant management system. In addition to boosting profits, it will definitely help you gain an edge over competitors.


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