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Targeting Customers for Your Restaurant

  • Published on : 29/06/2020

So, you have finally decided to start your restaurant or branch out into the delivery and takeaway space, and are super excited about it? Initially, you might want to target almost everyone around you, but that won’t be effective in any aspect. By going towards a more specific niche, you can finally concentrate on better servings, with lesser items to deal with, and above all, you shall be left out with a huge profit margin. 

This is exactly what we define as your restaurant’s target customer, where you shall be putting all of your time and effort. 

What Exactly is a Target Customer?

The person who is most likely to visit and support your restaurant can be defined as your target customer. Be it your menu, restaurant’s vision, or your overall guest experience; you can satisfy your target customer in numerous ways.

How to Identify Your Restaurant’s Target Customer?

Targeting your restaurant’s customer is very crucial in order to increase your revenue and expand your business. But, in a market where restaurant business is always over-saturated, you need to find effective ways in which you can generate repeated sales. 

Down below are some of the most efficient ways of tapping the targeted audience that can help your restaurant: 

  • Make sure to understand which age group is visiting your restaurant more often. Whether your restaurant is famous among teenagers or for the corporate people to carry out their meetings in fine cuisine. 
  • Now, expand your customer base by targeting the same group of customers for potential growth.
  • Make sure to train your staff so that they can identify repeating customers and customise their services according to them. By treating your regular customers well, you can always expect brand loyalty from them. 
  • Make sure to identify your competitions with a similar target audience, and figure out the ways in which your restaurant is better from them in terms of serving quality food and extending mind-blowing customer service. 
  • Always work on your menu and collect feedback, especially inresto feedback, from your customers for the betterment of the same. 
  • If possible, run relevant promotional ads, including inresto campaigns, which will improve your overall foot-traffic, in turn increasing your sales. 
  • Don’t forget to ask for word of mouth from your loyal customers, while catering intimidating online reviews.

With all the different ways we have talked about, you need to understand that it all comes down to your time and effort, along with the resources you are willing to spend for your customers. 

Determining Your Restaurant’s Target Customer

Utilising our application’s state-of-the-art digital booking channel facility, you can always explore the vast domain of the customer base. 

1. Look for the Demographics

Demographics can help you a lot with properly targeting your customers. You can easily identify the people who work and live around the same neighbourhood where your restaurant is located. Further, by properly studying their behaviour, you can easily understand your customers’ mindset, for example, their preference for cuisine and dishes. 

2. Look into your Restaurant Point of Sale

Your restaurant’s data can describe a lot about your customers. You can easily differentiate your customers, in terms of their spending capacity, based on their frequency of visits and the amount they are spending on each order. 

Your restaurant’s point of sale system can provide you with the truest picture of the buying data including the busiest business hours, the most saleable item on the menu, the most frequent visitor list and the customers who fill the highest average bill on every visit.  

3. Understanding your Customer through Interaction

Interacting with your customers can give you far better insights as compared to that of any analytics or number. Make sure to tell your house staff to keep an eye on the behaviour of your customer and respond accordingly. This gives your customers a sense of good customer service. Thus, they are motivated to return to your restaurant more frequently than ever. 

Final Takeaway

Now that you have finally identified your target customer, it is the time to put good use of them and further increase your sales and overall profit. The inresto campaigns help you run targeted marketing campaigns after understanding and analysing the customer wants and needs. Thus, you can conduct and tackle all your restaurant’s operational needs with a systematic approach. Whatever we have discussed earlier, once you get that right, your business will boom in no time. 


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