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Technology trends to rule the restaurant market in the Middle East in 2021

  • Published on : 02/02/2021

UAE has been home to innumerable restaurants by celebrity chefs, interesting concepts that are a tourist attraction in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East never disappoint when it comes to food and the restaurant experience there. Shopping and food have been the top entertainment activities for the citizens there as well as the tourists.

With so much talent in hand, the hospitality industry is reaching heights. As any business grows, development and success require more attention to detail and a proper management system. In such scenarios, technology becomes your best friend, and you can trust it to carry out operations smoothly which are free from any human-error. 

Along with the rest of the world, the restaurant industry has witnessed a technological revolution in the past few years. From digital ordering kiosks to online menu, the middle east market has also adopted the restaurant tech to run smooth operations and serve the diners safely & efficiently. 

Here are the top restaurant technology trends that the middle east market has embraced & will continue to use: 

1. Online Delivery 

The rise in the disposable income of individuals, a young population, along with strong internet connectivity, have together given a boost to the online delivery business of Saudi Arabia.

It has been on a massive rise for the past few years, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. In order to be in the trend and keep the restaurant revenue on the rise, you as a restaurateur must partner with delivery platforms and aggregators. This will help you increase your online sales and attract a larger customer base. 

When you have integrated with various delivery platforms, you need a smart restaurant management system that helps you map all your online orders in one place like inresto POS. Following trends is one but doing it smartly to your benefit is where the key to success lies. Therefore, with the help of inresto Online Order, a restaurant can easily have a website to take online orders and own the customer data to their benefit. 

2. Going Cashless

Digital payments are the new-age convenience that has eased the world of finance. You can forget your wallet at home, forget to go to the ATM & still make transactions via your phone. 

Cashless payments are growing at a faster pace in the UAE restaurant market. Over 80% of the point of sale payments made with one of the largest banks in the UAE are now cashless as per Emirates NBD’s latest quarterly figures.

There is nothing more putting off for the diners to find out that a restaurant does not accept any mode of cashless payment. 

3. Customer Relationship Management 

Any brand’s strength lies in its band of loyal customers. The stronger and bigger the pool of customers, the better it is for any business. With the increasing competition of restaurants in Saudi Arabia, technologies like inresto feedback, inresto loyalty, and inresto campaign can help the restaurant retain customers. 

Feedback helps you know your customers’ unbiased opinions of your services. This helps you constantly alter your services according to the likings of your customers and keep a track on the staff’s performance. Apart from that, it also offers an instant grievance redressal method that allows you to gain your diner’s trust back in case of any mishappening. 

Loyalty helps you create personalized loyalty programs based on individual diner needs. This way, you can gain an edge over other restaurants that are not catering to the individual needs of the diners and help you retain the footfall thus boosting the revenue. 

4. Marketing Solutions

Any great restaurant is great only when it can convince the audience that it is great through the art of marketing. 

The importance of marketing has grown worldwide with the digital world expanding. Since a major chunk of the audience browses restaurants on the internet before visiting, an online presence and social media marketing become crucial for every existing brand out there. 

inresto Online Order solution helps you create your online presence and let the customer’s order directly from your website and/or social media pages. 

Restaurants invest considerably in a complete restaurant marketing solution like inresto Campaign. A module that will help you run personalized and customized marketing campaigns from the customer data gathered through a feedback system or Digital menu. It also allows you to run outlet based, visit based and spend based marketing campaigns.

5. End-to-End Restaurant Management Solution

There is nothing like an end to end restaurant management solution that can help you handle the front of the house as well as the back of the house operations from one platform. 

Orders from different platforms can be handled from one centralised system i.e POS. This way, any restaurant is able to manage operations seamlessly. 

As mentioned at the beginning, a growing business comes with growing responsibilities and double work. To fulfill your commitments without error and delay, a centralized management system world wonders. It also provides detailed reports of sales, stock, marketings, and all operations. You can ensure tight control over your restaurant operations remotely as well! 

The best dishes need the best ingredient. Be the flavour of the season by integrating the latest technology trends at your restaurant!

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