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The hottest deal of the year is here! Flat 50% off on inresto product suite | #inrestoParDekho

  • Published on : 25/02/2021

The Great Indian Restaurant Festival is back with a bang! It’s that time of the year again when diners get FLAT 50% off at the best restaurants across 20 cities. A month-long gala where diners enjoy deals & discounts on their favourite restaurants while restaurateurs experience amplified bookings leading to increased footfall, higher accelerating revenue & higher customer reach for restaurants. 

A glimpse into what happened the last time | GIRF Aug 2020

  • 550 cr. revenue generated for our restaurant partners 
  • 62 tables were reserved every minute 
  • 10,000+ restaurants across 20 cities benefitted 

While diners enjoy up to 50% off on their favourite meals on Dineout, we are extending benefits to our restaurant partners by offering a Flat 50% on the entire inresto product suite that helps restaurants streamline all front & back of the house operations. After all, It’s the Great Indian Restaurant Festival. inresto, with it’s industry-first approach, is always at the helm to support our restaurant partners. 

What’s the catch here? 

There is none. We aim to help you make most of the footfall you are about to witness during GIRF’21. Hence, our partnership calls for a celebration. And what better way to celebrate than having the best restaurant tech at just half the price. 

The inresto product suite comprises of the following restaurant technology products:

Guest & Reserve, Campaign, Loyalty, Feedback, DineIn, White Label, Restaurant POS, SCM, and Valet.

Make the most of it:

1. Manage Tables, Orders & Billing effectively:

inresto’s Guest & Reserve app helps simplify your reservation process and maximise table turnaround efficiency. 

inresto’s DineIn app makes ordering easy and minimises a customer’s waiting time with a customizable digital menu. You can provide specific offers, cross-sell & up-sell your items & serve them conveniently through the inresto DineIn module.

inresto POS helps you manage billing & real-time payment status can be tracked & recorded from a single dashboard. Orders from multiple sources, such as third party aggregators, websites, apps & many more can be managed on a single dashboard. 

2. Capture Customer Data & Identify your audience:

inresto DineIn, Feedback, Guest & Reserve, Valet, helps you capture customer data effectively. 

The customer data is recorded to quickly identify & target repeat customers, VIP customers, priority customers, and more details. You can also cater to each customer’s unique needs based on their spend & visit behaviour. 

3. Offer an intuitive & personalized dining experience:

With inresto’s DineIn module, offer your diners a safe and quick dining service through a digital menu. Capturing customer data can help you cater to individual customer needs, but how to utilise that data to your benefit? 

After identifying your audience through the customer data captured, you can create personalised loyalty programs for your customers digitally, which inresto loyalty program enables you to do.

4. Engage, Interact & Retarget your diners:

Once personalised offers are created, communicating the same to the diners is very crucial & that is when inresto campaign module is required. You can send promotional and transactional SMS & emails to your diners.

5. Manage Inventory & Supply Chain effectively:

inresto SCM module is a robust inventory management tool that maps the stock and items in real-time, sends alerts when you are about to run out of raw materials in your kitchens. It also helps in reducing wastage. 

All this and much more benefits are awaiting you at half the price! 

Don’t miss out on the above listed benefits. There cannot be a better time to get inresto’s complete restaurant management software for your restaurant when it is available at a flat 50% off.

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