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The need for an end-to-end restaurant management solution

  • Published on : 08/03/2016

The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to a huge erosion in the footfalls at restaurants. As per the report by National Restaurant Association, restaurant and foodservice sales for the full year 2020 were $240 billion lower than expected levels. It’s become an imperative to cash in on the benefits of technology and cut down unnecessary expenses wherever possible. Implementing an end-to-end restaurant management solution would be the best solution to increase efficiency and boost sales.

What is (POS + SCM) End-To-End Restaurant Management?  

Point of Sale + Supply Chain Management, or POS + SCM is a digital restaurant management software that facilitates end-to-end restaurant management for any type of Food and Beverage establishment. With the help of the platform, you can track sales, perform billing, manage inventory, design loyalty programs and a lot more.

5 key benefits of an end-to-end restaurant management solution

Let’s delve deep into how your restaurant can benefit by implementing an end-to-end restaurant management system.

Hassle free billing function

In the post- pandemic world, restaurant customers have become too concerned about hygiene. They prefer safer options and don’t want to stand in long queues. The restaurant management software helps you perform the billing transactions quickly with absolutely no lags. It helps you cut down manual efforts and brings an end to embezzlement of funds by employees.

The system accepts cash payments, debit/credit cards ad contactless options such as Google Pay and Paytm. One more benefit is that status of billing and real time payments can be tracked from a single dashboard. 

Ease of integration with online food delivery platforms

Nowadays customers prefer to order food online rather than visiting restaurants. As per Forbes report, 72% of franchisees have implemented enhanced delivery services, online and mobile ordering since March 2021. The cloud based restaurant management platforms such as inresto POS help you easily integrate third-party food delivery apps such as Swiggy, Zomato etc.

For the walk-in diners, they can book the table in advance and order food via digital menus. In the current scenario, the option of contactless dining is a must-have feature for any restaurant.  

Better inventory management

It’s quite embarrassing to face a disappointed diner when you cannot serve the food items because of a shortage of food materials. At the same time, you cannot afford to stock excess quantity of inventory as it may lead to wastage.

The restaurant management software enables optimum use of kitchen resources and reduce overall grocery cost and requirement. Whenever it’s time to place the fresh order of stock, you will be alerted on the minimum threshold quantities. Once the order is placed, the inventory status gets updated automatically. Another major benefit is that you can track the inventory status live from any location, anytime.  

Ease of designing a custom loyalty program

The best way to increase sales at your restaurant is by targeting your existing customers. A key feature of platforms such as inresto is that it lets you devise a loyalty program based on your customer retention goals. Customers earn rewards based on the number of visits or the amount spend during their visit. The rewards can be redeemed in the form of discounts, freebies or points.

Access to valuable insights and reports

Smart insights such as the fast moving and slow-moving items in your menu help take crucial decisions. Boost your profits by focusing on the fast moving dishes and removing those non-performing ones. It also provides valuable insights such as the table turnaround time, kitchen turnaround time etc.

With the help of detailed reports, you can pull information such as the weekly and monthly sales at the various outlets, profits made by each unit etc. Employee evaluation is quite easy now as the system lets you generate reports on the performance of employees.      

Parting Words

Gone are those days when restaurants used to depend on legacy billing machines. The need of the hour is an end- to- end restaurant management system that help boost efficiency and achieve a drastic reduction in manual efforts. In an era where restaurants are battling with the challenges posed by the pandemic, the software platform definitely helps you to tide over the crisis.


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