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The Time has Arrived for a Veganized Menu

  • Published on : 14/09/2020

If you are up to date with food trends, you would’ve noticed the rise of veganism. Veganism is a diet that bases itself in the practice of abstinence from all animal-based products. This diet could also extend to include abstaining from food items such as refined white sugar and some wines. While the term was phrased by Donald Watson in 1944, it has recently come into prominence due to a variety of reasons. 

Veganism is famous because it helps the environment, the animals and the human body’s health. These reasons have motivated many people to try and adopt veganism.

Here are some facts that may shock you: –

  • Global data reports that the vegan population in the US has increased from 1% in 2014 to 6% in 2017. 
  • Also, U.S customers have spent close to $3.3 billion on plant-based foods in 2018.

Veganism is on a steady upward trajectory as people are embracing veganism with open arms. That’s why many restaurants have started introducing vegan items in their menu to cater to these clients. In fact, a lot of exclusively vegan restaurants have started to pop up in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

That’s why we say that the time to introduce veganism in your menu is now!

Ways to get vegan dishes into your menu 

Now that you are considering adding vegan options, here how you could do it: –

1. Introduce vegan versions of your existing dishes

It’s perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable and hesitant about adding new items to your menu which could turn out to be a risky investment. So, we suggest that instead of going all-in with the vegan diet, try introducing vegan versions of your existing dishes. For example: – cauliflower wings or vegetable patty burgers. The performance of these dishes would then give you an insight into what your customer needs.

2. Launch a brand-new vegan menu

If you wish to come up with completely different dishes, launching a new menu altogether would be a better option. This would mean that you have two menus for your customers to choose from: your regular menu and a vegan menu. 

3. Do a complete overhaul

If you feel extremely confident about the vegan revolution and personally align with the values that it represents, you could completely transform your brand. Long-term vegans would love to support a restaurant that not only sees them as a market but believes in their values. This could be one of the major selling points that sets you apart from your competition.

With a rise in the wave against animal cruelty and a cry for action against global warming, veganism is going to be popular for a long time to come. Going vegan is not just a hot food trend, it is slowly becoming a lifestyle change. So, ride the wave of veganism and revel in the rise of aware consumers that enjoy your plant-based food.


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