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Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Tips

  • Published on : 30/03/2016

Restaurant marketing has undergone drastic changes with time. The digitised world that we live in calls for smart use of technology in every business. Here is a blend of top 10 online and offline tips that you must follow for successfully marketing your restaurant:

1. Be easily discoverable
The best way for people to find you is through restaurant finder apps. Ensure the location, contact details, and USPs of your restaurant are correctly detailed out.

2. Be present on social media
Perhaps the most priceless marketing effort. Engage with your customers 24×7, 365 days a year. Strengthen word-of-mouth marketing through an interactive social media presence.

3. Make online ordering possible
Keep up with the needs of your customer. Provide discounts and other offers for those who order through your app.

4. Run contests
Engage with your customers, encourage loyalty, reward advocates and social media fans by running regular contests.

5. Call in food bloggers
Because restaurant reviews matter! A good ranking results is a good reputation.

restaurant marketing strategy
6. Use an end-to-end restaurant management solution
The Point of Sale and Supply Chain Management (POS & SCM) software have revolutionised the front and back end operations of a restaurant. With this, you can manage inventory, control theft, streamline billing and accounting, profile your customers, CRM, loyalty etc.

7. Stay current
Be on the lookout for innovations and trends in the industry and also the competitors’ marketing strategy.

8. Customer Loyalty Program
Reward/gratify your frequent visitors. This must be seamlessly done online and offline.

9. Grow your database
Which returning customer does not like being addressed by their first name? Make your customers feel special and welcomed while creating their profile in your database.

10. Manage your reputation online
Negative feedback has the potential to harm your business, and customers wanting to try a new restaurant rely heavily on the review section. Perhaps the best way to manage your reputation online is by asking happy customers to write positive reviews while addressing the negative reviews personally.

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