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Types of Restaurants in India

  • Published on : 21/10/2020

Across the globe, we often see that different opinions may clash and create a bittersweet air for people. However, through the ages, the one thing that has united people successfully, even for a short while, has been food! It’s quite similar in India too! With a rich heritage and culture, the food market in India is unimaginably vast. 

If you wish to enter this market, it might be a little challenging, unless you are sure of exactly the type of restaurant to launch and the kind of food you want to serve. Let’s look at a few successful restaurant categories. You can either choose from the following or get creative and start a new category altogether!

1. Fine Dining

In a Fine Dining restaurant, the ambience is soothing, calm and serene. The focus is on high-end hospitality and to provide the finest service, enabling diner retention. The curated menus have a large array of cuisines to offer and along with that, comes the alcoholic beverages’ menu to accompany finely crafted meals.

2. Pubs, Bars & Cafes

Pubs, bars, and cafes are usually associated with youth and outgoing people who like to meet new and like-minded people. Dominantly associated with western culture, these types of restaurants in India work well with the young generation, looking to spend leisure time in one place. These formats of the restaurant have a beautiful ambience, live music and an extensive menu for food, cocktails, mocktails and other beverages. Such restaurants offer liveliness to match the enthusiasm of youth!

3. Quick Service Restaurants

Format of Quick Service Restaurants is pretty simple and easy to manage. As the name suggests, they serve fast food, and they mainly focus on high-quality food in the fastest time. Contrary to popular belief, these restaurants perform well, because they serve people from every demographic- families, working professionals, kids, elderly, etc. QSRs are a viable option if you’re looking to make long-term, loyal diners.

4. Casual Dining Restaurants

With the foodie culture on the rise, in addition to a fast-paced lifestyle, casual dining restaurants are picking up popularity. You can use this format of restaurants to invite younger generation crowd such as college students, interns, and newly employed men and women. Casual Dining restaurants offer quality-centric services at reasonable pricing and hence, their target audience is most likely to visit on a regular basis.

5. Dhabas

Dhabas is a type of restaurant-specific to Indian rural culture. These are formats picked up from the countryside of India, where people cook food with not so sophisticated equipment, having the real taste of India. There are a lot of restaurants which specifically represent certain cultures of India, for example, The Village, represents the Rajasthani culture, where you experience a little of the state without actually going to that state! Eating at a Dhaba is an experience in itself!

Each restaurant has its own individual persona, making the experience unique on its own. With a vast demographic to cater to, India is one of the few countries offering the largest variety of cuisines with its own distinctive format, making it on top of every foodie’s bucket list!


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