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Virtual Kitchen – The New Fad or the New Future

  • Published on : 20/08/2020

The advent of the internet has led to disruptions within many industries. One such prominent industry is the restaurant industry. With online food orders becoming a household aspect of today’s netizens, a new wave of restaurants has entered the scene. 

These are known as virtual kitchens or cloud kitchens. These restaurants do not exist in real life, i.e. you can not walk into a virtual kitchen and order food. The only means of ordering food from a virtual kitchen is through the internet.

While people may think of these restaurants as a recent fad, the sheer growth in their numbers proves otherwise. Another aspect that solidifies the stature of virtual kitchens in the restaurant industry is the host of advantages reaped by restaurant owners. Let’s browse through some of these key advantages.

1. Low Establishment Cost

Setting up a virtual kitchen does not require investment in a large space. All you need is a kitchen space and excellent chefs. If your food is good, then you will garner a strong digital following within no time. You also don’t require staff to run the restaurant. It is entirely managed by the cooks and cleaners.

2. Sufficient Incoming Orders

As per the latest reports, 14.76% of the Indian population orders food via apps/websites at least once in two weeks. .Cloud Kitchens have a presence across these apps and websites, which helps them with frequent orders and hence the business aspect is taken care of!  

3. Millennials Love Virtual Kitchens

Millennials love experimenting with their food! When it comes to experimental food menus virtual kitchens do it the best way! So, any functional cloud kitchen can make high profits with a food menu that serves the target audience’s needs! 

4. Easy to Run Promotions

A regular restaurant needs to put up billboards and run marketing tactics to generate walk-ins, and hence, sales. But a virtual kitchen can simply put up a discount on their app/website or any third party platform they use, and they can attract more sales with ease. Studies suggest that restaurants running promotional offers make much more than regular restaurants.

5. Food Delivery in Minutes! 

Take Away or dining out at a restaurant requires a good amount of time at hand. One needs to account for the travelling time to the restaurant; Time taken in meal preparation – which compared to online ordering is way more!  However, with cloud kitchens, the food is delivered to the buyer’s home within minutes of ordering food. This single factor has led to the development of cloud kitchens as a prominent aspect of the restaurant industry.

Verdict- Virtual Kitchens Are Here To Stay

Virtual kitchens are only growing larger and becoming more versatile. From cloud-based coffee shops to multi-cuisine restaurants, a person can order anything literally from the comfort of their homes. These restaurants are also often more budget-friendly than their real-life counterparts, thereby catering to a larger crowd.

If you are planning to begin a restaurant business, you should definitely consider trying a virtual kitchen to see how your customers respond to your menu, experiment a little, and then invest in a facility (if the need arises). Not only will it be easier to establish, but you will also ensure higher profit margins.


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