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What is Restaurant Supply Chain Management? A Basic Introduction

  • Published on : 18/10/2016

Every organisation demands its growth and existence in the present emulous world. One of the best ways to attain this is to propose the finest quality products of legitimate rate, which helps to accomplish the customer requirements. In order to contribute quality products, a change in the prominence of cost management has to be made. Many cost management techniques are available widely and the most significant form is the supply chain management (SCM).

SCM – Definition

SCM is defined as a chain of processes/network that expedite the business activities among the trading partners, starting with the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of the refined product of the end users. Each and every SCM link helps to add up to the competitive advantage. Globalisation, sustainability, technology, suppliers, cost awareness and transportation are all related to supply chain activities.

SCM – A conspicuous tool for cost management

SCM is found to be a persuasive technique as it aids to boost the receptivity with altering business conditions and improve the organisation’s competitiveness. It is a process of harmonising the stream of physical goods and other related information about the production line to the end consumer. Thus, resulting in the early perceive of demand variations and simultaneity of business processes amidst the organisations within the supply chain.

SCM intents at reducing the cost by phasing out all the detrimental activities without affecting the final quality. The main objective of SCM is to raise the competitive assets of the channel as an aggregate. The method to achieve this objective is by developing the customer value higher than the competitor’s value in order to improve the consumer satisfaction by either increasing the efficiency & lower costs or alleviate effectiveness by implementing added values at a lesser cost.

Torqus Supply Chain Management Experts
Importance of Supply Chain Management

SCM helps to bridge the gap between the specks of production to the speck of consumption profitably. It mainly aims at governing the intricate supply and demand process effectively. In today’s dynamic world, consistent supplies to meet the fluctuations in consumer demand have been characterised as critical aspects of any business in order to meet the quality requirements, price and competitors. Businesses not only require to lower the costs to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition but also need to improve built-in competitive edges to be successful. Not to mention, only those businesses that implement competitive policies with respect to the volatile consumer market were found to be profitable.

The principle of ‘survival of the fittest’ still exists valid in the global economy which is usually characterised by the existence of altering business environment. Efficient association for various functions of the business processes aids to put up the organisation in a strategic position. Most prominently, customer focus is crucial to increase growth and selecting the right supply chain strategy is important to produce the most efficient product at the right time and order with right measurement.

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