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Why A Strong CRM Is A Must-Have For Your Fine Dining Restaurant?

  • Published on : 02/05/2019

Did you know that there is at least a 60% chance* that a customer might visit you again in case he/she likes your restaurant’s service? But how will you re-engage with those customers without an inkling about their contact details?

Think about it, if a customer likes your service, it is unlikely for them to not rave about the same to their friends and family members. Some customers even go to the lengths of reviewing or leaving good feedback online. We all know that is simply the best type of marketing. And this marketing can be achieved with a CRM.

Being an integral part of the restaurant business, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software forms the basis for a healthy customer relationship. Analyzing customer behavior based on inbound data empowers restaurants to upsurge customer satisfaction. When customers are satisfied, a journey towards customer loyalty and increased word-of-mouth marketing begins.

So, What Is A CRM Software?

Although CRM software can help you manage a lot of functions, its primary work is to handle customer data. This includes (and is not limited to) contact details, dining history, last visits, most ordered dish/cuisine, preferred restaurant location/seat, etc. for loyalty program management and providing powerful insights. The major objective of having a CRM software for a fine dining restaurant is to improve Customer Lifetime Value and customer relationships.

The Customer Lifetime Value indicates the net profit contribution of the customer to your restaurant over time. Assessing that with a powerful CRM software can allow you to personalize dining services for this customer or other loyal/elite users.

Additionally, with the use of in-built analytics, you can figure out the customers who are falling out. If some users have not visited you in a long while, it’s time to send them an exclusive deal or send a notification to your frequent visitors about the introduction of a new menu item.

How Does A Strong CRM Help Your Fine Dining Restaurant?

A strong CRM software helps you to :

1. Segment Your Customers

Restaurant operations already have a lot to take care of. Therefore, it might be difficult for a restaurant to collect and categorize data manually. If you are unable to analyze your data, it is of no use. With an effective CRM software, you can collect and segment your customer data so that you can utilize it profitably for your business. You can easily categorize your customers based on the number of visits, preferred cuisine, wait time (if any), number of pax, last bill amount, last feedback, etc.

2. Analyze Your Menu Items

In case you are unsure as to which menu item is the most popular or which one is the least preferred, then data can help you! Assessing and analyzing meal preference is another benefit a CRM software, suitably linked with a POS, has to offer for your restaurant business. For instance, inResto’s CRM can be easily integrated with 11 POS software which in turn gives highly useful insights. Based on the sales estimation and top-selling dish, you can also order raw materials accordingly, thereby reducing wastage.

You can also upsell and cross-sell your menu items by creating a combo of your popular menu items with the least preferred item. For example, if your regular users order noodles more, you can pair a new addition to the menu to this food item. It will automatically kick-start sales of the new food menu item.

3. Run Targeted and Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Personalized campaigns work wonders for any restaurant business. With customized data, you can tweak your communications accordingly and send targeted email and SMS which would yield better marketing results. Eventually, this would help in increasing your repeat customers.

4. Take Better Business Decisions

Undoubtedly, analytics is imperative for every business and fine dining or casual dining restaurants are not an exception. A CRM software provides you with regular business insights, based on your marketing needs. These powerful insights equip you in making well-informed business decisions.

For instance:

    • When your CRM notifies that your repeat customers have decreased drastically, then you know it’s time to check and analyze their feedback and make changes accordingly.

If your restaurant has more seats for 2-3 pax but the wait time for a group of 4 or more is high, then it’s time to rearrange your seating layout so that you can accommodate large groups.

The practical impact that CRM, as a technology, has had on the restaurant scene, in particular, is immense. Restaurateur and Founder of Massive Restaurants, Zorawar Kalra remarks-‘ We ’re using CRM very effectively and that’s where products like Inresto come in where you have this ability through one platform to be able to tackle practically every aspect of the diner’s experience- their information, their special days, their tastes and preferences and really utilize that effectively to reach out to them and perhaps retain them.’(Source – (Source – AnnexCloud)


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