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Why AI will drive the future of the Restaurant industry?

  • Published on : 06/10/2020

We all remember the time when television started showcasing advertisements and almost every industry was revolutionized by this. It was a time when people wanted to include television advertisements in their marketing and advertising budgets because they knew it could drive sales through the roof.

AI has had a somewhat similar impact on businesses today. We have all noted the use of artificial intelligence in industrial applications, digital applications, and now, it has started revolutionizing the hospitality industry, specifically the restaurant industry. But why is this sudden shift towards AI taking place? Let’s take a look.

Any restaurateur would want to minimize costs, in turn maximizing profits. AI helps these business owners do just that and much more. Here’s a quick list of the benefits of AI integration in your restaurant business.

1. Reduced Cost of Labor

AI has enabled automation of many tasks with the help of machines, which has lowered the requirement for human staff. This has enabled restaurateurs to save more money in the long term. 

2. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Consistent customer experience is a common vision in the restaurant industry. Hiring AI-based machines tend to eliminate many man-made errors, aiding the customer to experience the same taste, same atmosphere, and the same quality of service every time they visit.

3. Efficient Utilization of Personnel Strengths

With artificial intelligence-based robots capable of doing monotonous tasks, the personnel hired within the restaurant can now contribute further into the betterment of customer experience and making sure that the place is run seamlessly. This enables managers to not only manage operations efficiently but also lifts the spirits of personnel as they are not stuck doing meaningless but necessary tasks.

Let’s now look at different ways artificial intelligence can be implemented into your restaurant business:

1. Chatbots

Restaurants have started installing virtual assistants to manage the reservations. Additionally, it takes care of the whole ordering system where it takes the order and manages the whole order process. Also, it is equipped with a facility to answer all the customer queries that may arise during their visit to the restaurant. 

These bots give a real-time experience to the customers. The customer never feels like they are unattended. If the same trend continues, then chatbots can bring a new revolution in the restaurant business.

2. Robots

We have seen a number of restaurants with AI robots used for different functionalities. Like preparing food, delivering tasty meals, cleaning tables, washing utensils, and even collecting bills. In such cases, the listed instructions and assigned delivery time assist robots to be quick and efficient in their work.

Dominos has been successful in their stint of using AI-based robotic delivery in Europe.

3. Ordering Kiosk

Customers are always looking to reduce their wait time when they are at the restaurant. AI-driven kiosks help them to deliver the order directly to the kitchen.

In order to reduce the waiting period for the customers, restaurants may adopt a change where they keep some recipes ready on the basis of data they collect at the kiosks. The restaurant may be benefited from the data analysis as it may help them to know which food item is delivered the most.

4. Preferred Engines

Based on the meal preference, AI-driven machines like Inventory Management software can help you select the best dishes available in the restaurant. This might help you select the dish of your preference and taste.

5. Mobile Apps

If your restaurant has a mobile app in place, there is a greater chance for you to run tailored marketing campaigns that will help you reach out to the maximum audience. Users who have registered on the app may receive suggestions regarding the food dishes on the basis of their previous orders. Also, in case if the user is nearing your restaurant, you may prompt them about your restaurant using a push notification.

Despite the risks involved in using the AI-driven technologies, we have seen a number of advancements done in the restaurant industry. It is suggested that all the restaurant owners should be aware of the advantages of AI.

The belief of benefits outweighing the disadvantages has kept restaurants tapping AI and its related technologies. 


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