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Wingstop UAE growing online presence using inresto Online Order

  • Published on : 08/04/2021

Keeping up with the world, customer expectations and modern innovations,  every industry undergoes strategic and operational shifts every 3 – 4 years. Over the past few years restaurant businesses, including the traditional setups, have finally transitioned to modern technology.

But the most recent technology that has disrupted the market and placed the power back in the hands of the restaurants has been their own ordering platform;  website. So when Wingstop entered the UAE market they realised that the online market was left untapped. 

For this, they required a website that does justice to their menu offerings. combos, flavours etc, And inresto Online Order made it happen in a jiffy.

Wingstop UAE growing online presence using inresto Online Order

Here’s what Wingstop UAE wanted to do with a website and how inresto Online Order made it possible.

Boost Organic Orders and Revenue

For the longest time restaurants depended on home delivery services offered by 3rd party aggregators. But these services have time and again led to a drastic reduction of restaurant profit margins. While this had led to increased visibility but with very little gains.

And the glimmer of hope here that brings the much-needed relief is owning their website. This made a positive impact on Wingstop UAE’s topline. Additionally, they received organic orders from their customers directly on their own website:

Adopt Zero CAPEX model

Building a website is a one-time investment that goes a long way instead of partnering with just delivery aggregators where a certain commission % is charged for every incoming order.

With no recurring and maintenance cost involved, they quickly recovered the cost of the website investment. Building their own website and online ordering platform enabled them to take direct orders and also gave them ownership of customer data. This data they could later use to retarget and re-engage with their customer base. 

Over the last few months, Wingstop has been able to get ~ 1000 organic online orders. Since these orders were from their direct website, Wingstop saved ~ 20-25% in commissions on orders that would have otherwise landed on 3rd party online aggregators.

Manoeuvre Complex Menu

Wingstop has a menu like no other brand. They specialise in chicken wings which they serve in about 10 different flavours. And that’s not all, they also provided these at a variety of heat levels, depending on individual tolerance level. This inclusivity of customer choices makes the menu even more intricate. In order to break it down and make the decision-making process easy they needed a website that did justice to their menu. Their current online ordering platform developed by inresto provides an impeccable user experience.

Boost Loyalty & Retention

A website is your digital signature, your own place on the world wide web. With more and more customers going online, building a digital presence was non-negotiable for Wingstop UAE. Additionally, it also helped them increase their brand recall value. As more and more customers engaged, their retention rate increased and led to an increase in a loyal customer base. This in turn helped them generate consistent revenue at no extra cost. A win-win for all.


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