Improve your table TAT by enabling your diners to place orders from their smartphones without having the need to download any app or calling for the waiters.

Introduce Futuristic Digital Menus | Add Chef’s Recommendations | Reduce Manpower | Improve Table Turnaround Time

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Product Features

Digital Restaurant Menu

An interactive digital diner facing menu that diners can access without downloading any app.

Waiter App

An android app that enables your waiters to receive orders from different tables and modify the menu on their own.

Backend Dashboards

Backend dashboards using which you can easily control your menu.

Chef’s Recommendations & Other Customizations

Use your digital menu to highlight signature dishes, chef’s recommendations, promote combo meals and top selling dishes.


Detailed reports of how your restaurant is performing. Insights on top ordered dishes, top diners, revenue, Table TATs etc.

Engagement tools

Engagement tools that help you engage with diners so that you can further increase your business.

How do your diners order ?

Your diner facing M-site enables your diner to select his table, browse through the menu and place the orders which reach your waiter's app. The cohesive mobile experience avoids all the hassles of interacting with the waiter and makes sure your customer dine in experience is seamless. Your customers will love it!

How does your waiter accept orders ?

As soon as your diner has placed the order, it flashes on the waiters android app. Waiter can accept the order from there and it gets pushed to the restaurant's POS and the Kitchen automatically. When the diner requests a bill, the waiter app receives a notification and waiter can confirm the bill. The diner pays the bill online and it gets pushed to the POS automatically!