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Product Features

Customer Management

Manage and analyse customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle

Reservation Management

Seamlessly manage customer reservations from various sources from the inResto app or web dashboard

Walk-In / Queue Management

Manage your rush-hour queues and customer walk-ins to improve customer waiting periods and staff productivity

Table Management

Configure your Floor and Section layouts and monitor real-time status of tables

POS Integrations

inResto is seamlessly synced with your Point of Sale system, which makes reports reconciliation a breeze

Reporting and Analytics

Track and monitor the performance of your restaurant and take pre-emptive action through intelligent triggers

Manage your restaurant from one place

inResto Reserve helps you manage your diners; manage reservations, walk-ins, rush-hour queues, online orders; run campaigns, and intelligently tailor staff incentives, all from a single app or web dashboard

Guest App

The customer-facing inResto Guest App allows you to track quality diner data that you can run campaigns, loyalty programs on, while minimising any overhead on your staff.

Curate diner experiences

inResto Reserve enables you to provide a customised experience to your guests and re-engage them with multitudes of campaigning and loyalty-management tools

Last Mile Customisation

inResto Reserve is available on a variety of platforms and is completely customisable according to your restaurant theme.