Smart Customers Loyalty Management Tool
For Your Restaurant

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Product Features

Visit based loyalty

Make your diners earn points based on the number of visits they pay to your restaurant

Spent based loyalty

Make your diners earn points based on the amount they spend at your restaurant

Control over rewards

Have full control over what rewards you want to give for what amount of points

Easy control of reward points

Easily control how many points a diner can accrue based on a visit and amount spent from your dashboard

Easy redemption of reward points

Have your diners easily redeem their reward points at your outlet

Customer communication

Customer communications through mails and SMSes so that your diners are always aware of the reward points they have and come to your outlet to redeem them

How does your loyalty program work?

Our loyalty program helps you identify your loyal diners and reward them so that they remain engaged with your restaurant. The tool is so seamless that your diners will love it and you will be able to manage it without any effort.